Tuesday 15 January 2008


I thought Gordon the Goth was going to be the last sock creature for a few months, but then came Millie...

Millie is about to go travelling to the other side of the world where she is going to visit her friends Sally Splatt and Dot. She thought she ought to check the route.

It does seem a very long way - but Millie doesn't mind because she is going to live with a very special little girl called Phoebe. She can't wait!

For those of you who thought you might see pictures of us at the seaside I'm sorry to disappoint. We woke to pouring rain yesterday and decided to postpone our trip and instead thought we would be very virtuous and clear out the loft. If I tell you I have lived in this house for eighteen years and have never cleared it out (although have often put things up there!) then you will have some idea of what we faced. The loft is now looking good but the rest of the house is totally cluttered with boxes that need sorting through. I know I should be ruthless and just throw them out but I can't without a good rummage first! I have also discovered several boxes of yarn and fabric which are probably totally useless... but you never know!

I've also joined Lucy's Valentine swap - I tried to put the picture and a link on the side but the picture distorted so instead I'll just leave it here. My swap partner is Sarah of Pink Petal Designs so I'm very excited.


  1. Most marvellously mad Millie Missus! Hope you really enjoy doing the swap! Lucy x

  2. how cute! ...have a wonderful journey Millie!

  3. Ah, lucky you for getting in oin the swap - I was too late.

    Millie is lovely - hope she has a good trip!

  4. Millie is adorable!! I'm new to your blog and I was reading (backwards) and I saw your tea cozy. It is the cutest thing I have seen in a looooong time. If you'd consider making one to sell, I would love to buy one! Let me know if you're interested.

    Come on over to my blog tomorrw as I'm giving a free Valentine's Day surprise to fellow bloggers.
    Nice to meet you!!
    Joni (from YUMMERS)

  5. Millie is very beautiful and what an exciting journey she's got planned! If she is loved anywhere near as much as her heroic cousin Cedric she'll be fine :)

    Lesley xx

  6. He hee......Phoebe is going to LOVE Millie!!. Love,love, love her. Thanks for being so generous. You will make a 12 year old very happy!!


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