Thursday 31 January 2008

Raggy carnations

Some of you may have wondered what I was doing with this vicious looking tool yesterday...

I wasn't making rugs but instead was creating some flowers for a special occasion...

Some of you may have read on Mrs Lucy Locket's blog about a bloggers blind date that will be happening in London in March and Mrs Moogsmum suggested she might wear a pink carnation so we would recognise her. Well being textilely creative types I thought we should all have fabric carnations. I remembered reading a tutorial on Molly Chicken's blog long ago before I started blogging, about how to make a rag rug corsage so I looked it up and ... hey presto... a pink carnation (of sorts) You'd recognise that chest anywhere!

And when not wearing it on one's chest... you can take a simple pink bag (with retro Laura Ashley lining)

And simply pin it on!

I felt the back needed some matching ragged embroidery

Of course now I'm totally hooked (Ha! excuse the pun) and want to make a rag rug but have so many other things to finish first. Which of course means I'll probably make a start on the rug tonight.
* * *
Thank you everyone who left a comment on yesterday's post... the names will all go in a hat.
(Except Neil... your marmalade awaits!)


  1. He's here again! The corsage is great ,I will have to try and find the tutorial.It looks lovely on the bag. Well done you.

  2. At last I've worked out how to change my identity! (Now I'm 23, slim, clever and wealthy............).

  3. Oddly enough Mrs L and I got to talking about rag rugs tonight. She's made one and I have one to finish - I started it 8 years ago and stopped when I ran out of fabrics. Don't think that would be such a problem now ;)

    Thank you so much for my carnation, I'm thrilled with it!

    Lesley xx

  4. I love my carnation so much!

    As Mrs Moogsmum says we have been talking rag rugs so will have to show you soon!

    Lucy xx

  5. beautiful fower and what a great way of doing!

  6. I've just seen this attractive carnation on Lesley's blog! Now I know how you made it!

    The embroidery on the bag looks lovely, as does the bag. Very pretty material.

  7. Oh, lovely! They are really pretty Gina - and look a treat on that bag (I did make some of the clutches, after seeing them here, and one of these days will post pics!)

  8. I've just come over from Lesley's and Lucy's after seeing their gorgeous carnations .... they're fab! Looks like they may be quite hard on the fingers to make though?

    The clutch bag looks lovely too, and did someone say Giveaway?? I'm off to find out!


  9. That's so clever Gina! I found an ancient one of those pointy stabby tools in my Gran's sewing box, I'm goind to hunt it out!


  10. Wow! Those are wonderful - so simple yet stunning. x

  11. I love your raggy carnation, particularly the ones you have stitched on the bag. Really effective.


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