Friday, 30 November 2007

The Splatt Family

It's been a day of finishing things off today... most importantly another couple of members of the Splatt family who are about to go and live in new homes. Here is Cedric Splatt, superhero extraordinaire, off to find his way into the Christmas stocking of a little boy you may have read about here. That is as long as the said little boy gets up, has breakfast, cleans his teeth, gets dressed and gets his shoes on by 8.30 am every morning for the next three weeks and doesn't give his mother any grief!

Talking procrastination and prevarication (well some of us have been this week)... you would not believe how long I spent fiddling about getting this shot just right! But oh, how it amused me!!!

The other member of the Splatt family is about to travel much further to a lovely lady you will find here. Sally is a bit nervous about travelling so far... she's just checking to see where it is she's going.

Another job achieved today was digging out the advent calendar and filling the little bags with chocolate. I made this at least 10 years ago when the boys were much smaller and you would think they might have grown out of it by now... but they seem to regress back to 7 year olds when it comes to chocolate every day! It also means I can't pretend Christmas is ages away any more and will have to start thinking about it soon... but not until next week!

I've got my Christmas Open Studio to think about first. This is something I've done for a few years now and as a result friends get to expect it at this time of year... really just a craft stall at home. However I rather rashly advertised it as "Come and browse, buy, or just join us for a mince pie and glass of mulled wine" So guess what I'm doing this evening... here's a clue...

If you are in the area and know where I am, I'm open from 11 until 4 both Saturday and Sunday. Thank you as always for calling by my blog and leaving comments... it is always very much appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend, Gina x


  1. The new Splatts will be very well received! Good luck with the weekend and well done on getting the advent stuff ready - I've just realised it's tomorrow not Saturday - durr what an idiot I am! I haven't got any of it ready yet and the children now expect the three handmade advent calendars to be put up along with my picture one and the lego one! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  2. Oh oh Cedric I am sooooooo excited!!!! You are gorgeous! Mr Monster will be so thrilled. Please tell Gina - y'know the lady who stuck pins into you - that she is very very clever and a certain little boy will be extremely happy with his new superhero friend on christmas morning!

    Gina - just in case you can't understand what Cedric is telling you - thank you for making him!! The photo is just fab and I can't eait to see him in the flesh/sock!

    love Lesleyxxx

  3. Cedric looks happy now the pins are out! Ouch!(I always worry and say sorry when I stick pins in my poor dotee dolls. I tell them it will all be over quickly and they are soon smiling again!) I hope Sally has a good trip and isn't claustrophobic. She will love that far away country when she gets there. (Will she mind being upside down?) ;) Have a successful weekend. x

  4. Oh my goodness!!! Is Sally Splatt coming to live with me??? I love, love, love her. Can't wait to see her in the flesh (so to speak!). And I laughed hysterically at your photograph of her looking at the map of Australia. I am sure her trip to Australia will go well and she will be very happy here with me.

    If you take a peek on my blog you will see the doll I made for you too :)

    I know that Cedric will be VERY happy in his new home too. Super Hero Cedric - da dahhhh...

    Wish I could come to your Christmas Open Studio :(. Am sure it will be a hit.

    Thanks soooo much for swapping with me Gina - you are a gem.

    Dot xx

  5. Hi Gina,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm glad my monkees made you smile :)

    Your splatt family creations are brilliant and I just enjoyed reading about Cedric's arrival over at Moogsmum's - it looks like he should settle right in over there!

    Have a happy (if wet) day.


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