Friday 4 June 2021

Well Hello!

 I never intended to be away so long but I don't really think I have been missed over the past five months. I don't blame you, because to be quite honest I don't think I have really missed this blog very much either! I have missed the blogs I used to read and the people I have got to 'know' but without actually writing posts of my own I have drifted out of the habit of reading blogs too. And very gradually, other things seem to have filled my time and I no longer know how I ever found the time to keep this blog going for so long. It feels sad, but I think the time has come to draw a line under Fan my Flame... after all it has been slowly fading away over the past year or so.

I'm sure it has something to do with the crazy year and a half we have just been through, because it has certainly made me reassess what is important and what I really want to be doing. I'm still doing many of the things I have always blogged about... I knit, I read, I walk etc but I no longer feel I need to write about it, because after all I have done it all for so long that writing about it just makes it seem rather repetitive and boring, whereas just doing the things and enjoying them, without the need to report on them suddenly feels more important. Does that make sense? I'm not sure I'm being terribly eloquent but it's definitely time for me to move on and say goodbye.

I'm spending more time painting

I'm still teaching art and embroidery but almost exclusively online now. It suits me better and seems to suit more of my students too, allowing me to reach a wider audience. I'm spending far more time painting, which I love as well as seeing more of our grandchildren (as and when we are allowed)... there is a fifth one due to arrive in the next few weeks. I'm walking more (definitely a result of our various lockdowns) and as of last week I think I am going to be outside more than ever as I have just taken on an allotment. As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done, but I have made a start and hope to make some progress this coming weekend. 

My allotment! A work in progress

Time with youngest granddaughter

The podcast I started with Izzy Moore last November is still going strong and we seem to have gathered quite a following. We are still enjoying our fortnightly chats too which is the important thing. Two years ago I would never imagined doing such a thing!

So as I said, much is the same... but different too! I'm sure I will miss this occasionally but I can still be found regularly on Instagram or on Facebook. And I am still writing a blog but with a more art/professional basis... you can find that on my website should you be interested. And you can always sign up for my newsletter (just click the link  on the sidebar)I hope to see you some of these other places but for now... I'm going, going... gone!