Friday 25 January 2008


What a lovely day today! This morning I had the pleasure of meeting Val of Dotty Cookie fame! We recently realised we live very close to each other so arranged to meet for a cuppa at a local garden centre/farm shop. Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting Val but also her "Tiny small" daughter and the amazing psychedelic monkee! It was an absolute pleasure to meet all three and the morning just whizzed by confirming what I already knew - Crafty Bloggers are lovely people.

Not a lot else done to day but I did have to try a recipe from my new purchase yesterday - so this is Tessa Kiros' tomato risotto - which was scrummy! I made a couple of adjustments (never could follow a recipe as printed) - like leaving in the garlic and using fresh chilli but it is set to become a firm favourite. I wouldn't let Stewart eat his dinner until I had taken the photo - he wasn't impressed so it was hastily taken and probably wouldn't win me any awards for food photography... but it did taste good!

A busy weekend ahead as I'm off to Sevenoaks tomorrow to talk to their Embroiderer's Guild, coming home for a Burn's supper at a friends house in the evening, my parents are here for lunch on Sunday and then Stewart has a day off on Monday so weather permitting we will try to get our day at the seaside! So could well be be absent for a few days. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. ...mmmhh....can i come and taste??....I am hungry....:))
    Have a nice weekend..
    HUGS barbara

  2. The risotto looks lovely and smells even better! I'm very jealous of you meeting Val too - you are both people I would love to meet up with in real life! Fancy coming to London on 14th March?????!

  3. Oh wow you had a bloggers blind date!! How exciting! I agree with Lucy as I'd love to meet you both too :)

    I love rissotto of any sort and that one looks lovely - poor Mr Fan My Flame having to have his dinner photographed ;) They are very tolerant aren't they?

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Lesley xx

  4. Gina, could you give Angela some tips on cooking as well as sewing?!

  5. Hope you enjoy your weekend, Gina :)) x

  6. Hi Gina

    I am a friend of Lesley's. I read your blog all the time thus giving you another You make my day Award =)

  7. You beat me to it! Tiny Small and I also had a lovely time - as you must have noticed, she was very excited to show you all the parts of the shop she likes best.

    And it sounds like maybe we should organise some sort of blogging picnic one day!

    Must try that risotto - even though the last one I tried was roundly rejected by my children. All the more for me then!

    Have a lovely weekend - and thanks again for yesterday morning.

  8. Thanks for a really good afternoon at Sevenoaks EG. Your work is set all me senses tingling.Thank you for your generosity in allowing us to handle the pieces. I can't wait to try out the new found courage you gave me to machine stitch onto canvas. Hope we see you again soon

  9. Following our eventful drive along the A25 this morning where we almost became the tomato risotto (shortly after you told me about dottycookie's feedback about what people write on their blogs), I say bring on more pictures of whatever anyone wants to post and share!

    Thank you for lunch and another riotious afternoon! Once I have recovered, we must do it again.

  10. OH Gina he got here before me again!.
    Sounds as though you will be having a great weekend. I hope you get to the seaside this time.
    I think Dottycookie's idea of a blogging picnic is great.

  11. Meeting bloggers is always so fun, and what a great one to meet up with!

  12. That risotto looked yummy! If only you could get computer with smell! Colleen in South Africa


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