Friday 11 January 2008

Is three a series?

At last my portfolio is packed up and waiting by the front door - everything labelled and ready for assessment day tomorrow. I'm paranoid that I've left something out or have included something that would have been better left out! I thought I would share a couple more paintings that I'll be taking tomorrow. We had to set up a collection of coloured objects in a related coloured scheme and make a series of studies in paint, based on different views of the collection. These were my three paintings - is three a series?

Too late now if three is not enough! I have to confess that these really took me out of my comfort zone. I'm not very confident with paint and tend to make a horrendous mess with all the mixing that's involved and I managed to get white acrylic paint all down the front of a red jumper.

So tomorrow it's a day in London. The work has to be delivered at 10 am and then collected again at 4.30 pm so a lovely long day, shopping and visiting exhibitions - should be lots to tell! However think I might have a few days off as there have been mutterings about me spending too much time on the computer lately. Stewart also has a day off work on Monday and we have promised ourselves a day at the seaside if the weather is fine - which of course means there will be even more to tell next week - which means even more time on the computer. Oh well... off to iron some shirts to make amends!

Have a lovely weekend :)


  1. Those paintings are stunning - particularly as they have buttons on them!!! Good luck tomorrow! Lucy x

  2. Good luck with the assessment Gina! Thinking about you getting your portfolio ready gave me flashbacks of lugging an A1 portfolio down to Brighton Art College many moons ago.

    I'm trying to sort out images and the guide entry wording for Cambridge Open Studios 2008 - now seems trivial compared to your task!

    Have a lovely day out - hope the sun shines at the seaside!

  3. I love your paintings Gina. I loved doing still life when I did an art course 6 years ago. The red and green really 'sing' and is one of my favourite colour combos.
    Good luck with the assessment, enjoy your day in London, enjoy the seaside and good luck with the ironing - my ironing (a 3ft high pile)got done (after a fashion) in 1 hour!!!!!

    I should go as Moogsdad will start raising eyebrows!!
    love Lesley xx

  4. Good luch with your assessment tomorrow. Your paintings look fantastic to me.

    Thanks so much for the award! I feel very honoured.


  5. Good luck tomorrow, Gina. Have a great day out and enjoy the seaside next week. Sounds like a good idea. The paintings are ace. I do like the close up view of the buttons.

  6. I hope you had a good day in London today Gina? I'm sure a series of 3 lovely paintings like those will suffice. Quality counts. Have a great day at the seaside on monday.


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