Friday 4 January 2008

A Strawberry Saga

How naughty of you... of course I haven't had a hangover since Tuesday (although it was a very good party Monday night and I did drink quite a bit of champagne!) I've just been too busy with very boring mundane things that haven't been worth blogging about - such as ploughing through mountains of paperwork, clearing away all evidence of Christmas - it feels so good to pack everything away and have a relatively clutter free house - and dealing with my delightful youngest son. Don't think I've mentioned it on the blog before but Jacob has Asperger's Syndrome which means he is on the Autistic Spectrum. Most of the time he copes really well and he can be delightful. His unusual take on life is funny and interesting, which makes him good company. However he also presents what is euphamistically called "challenging behaviour" at times which combined with the fact that he is fifteen can make life difficult. And this week has been particularly challenging for one reason or another - mostly because I'm very unreasonable and feel he should make a start on his GCSE coursework (due in yesterday) before I let him go into Cambridge with his friends on Saturday, amongst other things. I know it is a phase and it will pass but it is very tiring while we're going through these "challenging" periods

But there has been some creativity going on here. Bea's strawberry dress was a huge success - she was wearing it by 6.30 am on Christmas morning and apparently has barely taken it off since! Bea has a six year old sister Polly who has been invited to a very special fancy dress party at The Mansion House in London on Saturday. Fortunately the strawberry dress fits Polly and Bea has been persuaded to part with it for a day but to make it a bit more "fancy dress" I was asked if I could make a hat and wings to transform Polly into a "Strawberry Fairy". No problem I thought! I started with the hat which was quite successful...

I thought it would look better modelled by someone but didn't think it wise to ask Jacob this morning! I then started on the wings... after much pondering and playing I resorted to taking apart a pair I bought and recovering them with red net. Suffice to say the whole process involved lots of wire, a glue gun, a ridiculous amount of hand stitching and a great deal of swearing... but I got there in the end. I've been promised photographs so hope I will be able to share some soon.

Latest news from Joe in Brazil - he phoned and I spoke to him on Wednesday which was lovely. He had a good Christmas - ate turkey with rice and for New Year's Eve they were in Rio on the Copacabana beach, along with two million other people! He said the fireworks were amazing. He is now in Buenos Aires before travelling to Santiago and then flyng onto New Zealand in a couple of weeks time. No photos though as his friend broke his camera!


  1. Beautiful Strawberry Fairy wings Gina!
    Sorry you've been having a difficult time. Children are tricksy at the best of times but GCSE's combined with AS must really take it out of you. Take care of yourself and glad the hangover has cleared up ;)
    love Lesley xx

  2. I love the wings. I bought some for my two for Christmas but they have a;ready demolished them - I think I'll try taking them apart and reassembling like you have - I may have to shout for help though!

    Good luck to you and your son with the GCSE work - I'm not looking forward to that stage. swe're still in the "stamping foot in sweetshop" stage here!

  3. You? Swearing? Surely not?!! The swearing must have helped, the wings are gorgeous as is the hat. I hope you win the battle of the coursework, not an easy one. Sounds like Joe is having a great time :)

  4. The wings and hat are amazing - well done you! And I agree with Lesley - children are always tricky but it must be extra hard for you especially at the moment - hope things get better quickly! Lucy x

  5. I'm pleased to hear you had a good xmas.The strawberry hat and wings look great.If there are prizes for the fancy dress i'm sure Polly will win.Well done Gina.
    Hang in there with Jacob it will get better.I always remind myself that a child on the Autistic Spectrum is a loving child and that makes me smile.

  6. Love the strawberry outfit Gina!
    I do feel for you with your son having Aspergers as my 12 year old niece Phoebe has it too. She is a delightful child but can also be very difficult. However she is so open with her love for me I just adore her.
    I am sure your son appreciates your support but know my sister (Phoebe's mum) struggles with Phoebe at times. And that brings me sadness.

    You are an incredible person. A loving wife and mother , very kind hearted and extremely talented.

    Dot xx

  7. Hi Gina - my 3 year old nephew has just been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. Atill v ery early days so we have no idea of severity etc and he doesn't talk yet. I'm glad to her that your son goes to mainstrean school - gives me hope for Max!


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