Wednesday 23 January 2008

Another Zigzag

As always, a fun filled productive day at Zigzag. There wasn't much new work to show as all the ladies had been working on individual projects over the holidays, developing design work which I think is going to result in some exciting new work during the year. However Joan and Sandy were rather taken with the Tyvek flowers we made at the December meeting and as a result went into mass production! And these are the results - Tyvek bouquets!

They were stunning. Here's a couple of close ups, first of Joan's flowers and then Sandy's.

Lesley also brought in her book to show us which was beautiful and very delicately stitched. It is going to be one of a series of small books. You can read more of what she is planning to do on her blog.

We spent the morning looking at different cutwork techniques and some of the ladies worked on some samples. Ann and Lynne favoured a more traditional approach working with white on white.

While Judith, Lynda and Lesley tried a more contemporary approach using colour and less traditional designs. I think they all work really well.

I sometimes think there is a danger of being swept away by all the latest products and gimmicks on the market and lose sight of the fact that good technique and control of the machine are all important so it was good to focus on some traditional stitching today.
Next month we'll be looking at image transfer... and all the latest products and gimmicks! ; )


  1. Another gorgeous post Gina! Those Tyvek flowers are stunning and the cutwork is wonderful - what a lovely way to spend the day!

    Lesley xx

  2. Thats a day well spent.I love the flowers I would rather have a bouquet of Tyvek flowers than the real thing.......there's a thought you could go into production......brilliant for hayfever sufferers.
    The cutwork is lovely as well.I especially like the modern twist you have all given it.Roll on the next meeting and your report.

  3. Truly stunning work from everyone again Gina!

  4. The tyvek flowers are tremendous! And such talented ladies! Your Zigzag posts are always interesting and inspiring.

  5. I love the tyvek flowers too, I went back and looked at the December blog about them and they are really gorgeous as well, keep us inspired ZigZag!

  6. stunning indeed. great flowers.

  7. Those tyvek flowers are fantastic!

  8. The flowers are lovely and the cutwork is beautiful. Such talent.
    And such GREAT inspiration!
    Thanks you for sharing, Gina.

  9. Beautiful flowers! I can see why they went into mass production!

  10. You have a lots of fun at your Zigzag meetings Gina. I look forward to your next one very much as you can imagine, so many new surfaces to print on these days.


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