Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Fun, Frivolity and Flowers!

Another fun day with "Zigzag" and as promised - lots of photos! First of all these are the results of our Christmas ATC challenge, using metals and metal threads etc. The first two are from Judith and Ann.

The next two are from Lynda and Pat and I think they are probably my favourites!
I know I shouldn't have favourites but I think the colours with the burnished copper are gorgeous.

These are from Sandy and Bernice. The photograph doesn't really show how pretty Sandy's card is - very wintery and I love the humour in Bernice's card.

These are Lynne's and Joan's.

And finally mine, which you've already seen and Lesley's. It is pure coincidence but ours were very similar! I would have been very happy to have received any one of these cards in the swap as I think they are all gorgeous (actually I would have liked them all!) but was delighted to get Lesley's Christmas tree.

One of the other lovely things about a group like Zigzag is that the members often attend other classes and bring in things that they have made. A few of them had a lovely time recently on a course with Frances Pickering who makes the most stunning books and so here are two that have been made by Lesley...

And one from Pat.

Sandy had also made a book but I didn't manage to get a photo, however this is a bag she has made. She made a beautiful silk jacket for one of her City and Guilds projects and the bag matches the jacket which had the fabulous leaf motifs all down the front.

And from Joan, a beautiful panel of poppies made from layers of sheer fabrics, stitched and cut back. This was done on a day with Kathleen Laurel Sage. There were some more of these too that disappeared before I got my camera out!

Today's class was all about a bit of frivolity and we made flowers from painted Tyvek, wire and beads. These are everyone's efforts though I can't quite remember whose flower is whose! Some didn't want them photographed as they are not finished but I thought they all looked lovely!

Don't they look fab all grouped together!

We finished off the day with a wonderful lunch - all the members made a contribution - which included a glass of bubbly from Ann - very nice! We had quizzes from Lesley and Sandy and exchanged Secret Santa gifts. All in all a lovely day to round off 2007 with Zigzag. Looking forward to 2008 girls!


  1. My goodness Gina it is all gorgeous!! I'm going to have to come back later for a really good look. Great ATC's - I love the Bah Humbug one - fighting that feeling myself right now!

    Cedric Splatt was parcelled up last night ready for the big day. I cannot wait to see Monster's face!

    Good to see Maud and Mungo are being helpful over at Julie's!!
    Lesley xx

  2. Hello Gina you have all produced some lovely work.I really enjoy seeing all the pieces of work and the different colours used.My favourite ATC is the one with the copper holly leaves.
    The group photo of flowers is very autumnal. Well done to all of you.

  3. Wow, what a fab collection of things, Gina. I love all those ATCs - I'd be hard pressed to pick a favourite, really. And I love your tyvek flowers. Another thing to put on The List, I think. Now I need a second lifetime to work my way through The List!

  4. What an amazing day you all had! The work is all beautiful and I like the metallic pieces too. Bah Humbug is a favourite for me too! I think I've already said it this year! :)) The books were very impressive! Well done everyone!

  5. A little bird told me you all had a fantastic time at your Zigzag meeting and after looking at all the fabulous work I can believe it.


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