Friday 23 December 2016

Advent 2016 - twenty three

With pretty much all my baking orders done for this year I treated myself to a sparkly Christmas manicure yesterday afternoon. I can't wear nail polish or rings when I'm baking for clients so this was a real treat... Plus there was the added bonus of just sitting doing nothing for an hour and a half. Pure bliss!

I've told the men folk this means no heavy housework or hands in water for the next few days ( I didn't let on that gels are pretty indestructible!)


  1. Oh the men don't need to know anything about gels! ;) They look great Gina, can't believe you sat still for an half and a half though!!!

  2. Very glam! I might do my own for Christmas while I have tidy nails and before the gardening starts again. I don't know anything about the latest nail products but have noticed some very attractive nails in various shops and offices.

  3. I managed to damage six of my nails so have had to cut them all to the same length and I am quite unable to cope with short nails. I wonder how long they will take to grow back?

    Yours look pretty.

  4. You go girl!! My daughter got a plum colour on her nails for a Christmas party, and I just love that colour! She wore a plum dress too. Definitely take it easy on the hands ... they have worked so hard this month ;)
    Merry Christmas Gina!
    Wendy xox

  5. Brilliant! There is no way you can do any washing up with those lovely nails. Merry Christmas Gina, have a great festive season.

  6. Dear Gina, what a great treat you've given those amazing hands of yours! And I am sure that the required moments of stillness were also rather wonderful.
    Happy Christmas! xo

  7. Very festive. I like your reasoning about the housework. Might give that one a try :). Have a lovely Christmas. B x


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