Saturday 17 December 2016

Advent 2016 - seventeen

It feels yesterday's post is a hard act to follow... But the tree is up!

No. three son came round for supper this week.

Joe: "where's the Christmas tree?"
Me: "In the boot of the car"
Joe: "Well it's not much good there is it, shall we put it up?"

So we did... Thank you Joe, otherwise it could well have stayed in the boot of the car until January at the rate I'm going. However, all the other decorations that he helped bring down from the loft are still in their boxes in the hall... Maybe tomorrow?


  1. It looks very festive. You're one step ahead of me (two, really, as the decs are still in the loft). Hoping to have our tree out of its bucket of water and dressed this weekend. With a boy's help, of course.

  2. Your tree looks beautiful and very elegant. Mine is half decorated but I must make the effort to finish it this weekend. My son brought it down for me and put it up otherwise we may well have been treeless this year! I do like a natural one, but am lazy and artificial is so much easier.

  3. awe it looks lovely Gina......well done Joe!

  4. Looks like you and Joe made a great tree trimming team! xo

  5. Your tree looks lovely,Gina -such a nice shape. Great debate here about trees - for various reaasons we haven't had one for many years. Husband wants one but maintains we can only have one with roots as that's more ecologically friendly and what he always had as a child growing on each year in the garden. I point out that we have nowhere to plant one and it would have to survive in pot till next year and beyond (and I'm not really wanting one of those anyway as trees are only any good if they're large and potted one's aren't) and we've left such trees in several gardens due to house moves. Daughter reminds us, helpfully, that she's long since pinched all the family decorations and they're on granddaughter's tree so we'd have to buy new ones. Granddaughter is, thankfully, too small to enter the argument but I suspect she's quite happy as long as there's a stocking and presents! She's already got a 7ft tree in their house. Son-in-law favours artificial. Currently at stalemate.

    1. Ours is a township tree. Handcrafted of stacked slender branches, then painted white. We do plant trees in the garden (but not Christmas conifers ;~)

  6. Beautiful tree. Half the decorations are out here and hopefully the other half will make it out in the box before the 26th.


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