Saturday 10 December 2016

Advent 2016 - ten

After my lovely day out in Cambridge it was a dash back home for the December gathering of our stitching group, a quick tidy up, light the fire, put out wine and snacks... And then write their Christmas cards. Except because my mind works in weird and mysterious ways, with less than an hour before they arrived I decided I would also make their cards... why do I do this to myself?

I put layers of ribbon stitched in straight lines onto felt, cut them into triangles and stitched them back down onto a small piece of linen on paper to look something vaguely like a Christmas tree. Hey presto... Six cards in half an hour!

And then I did it all again on Wednesday for the gathering of our book club... Except I made Christmas puddings too.

I've bought the rest of my cards... Just a little matter of getting them written and delivered now!


  1. You are incorrigible! Love the cards and I bet everyone else did too. I haven't written any of mine yet and two have to get to Seattle and NZ.

  2. you are crazy Gina (in a good way), they are of course brilliant!!

  3. Fabulous idea. Oh to be so nifty with a sewing machine :) B x

  4. Gina you are a life saver. Cant afford cards but I have all the makings for these. Actually we are not sending cards this year so these will go to family and close friends. What fun. Penny

  5. Dear Gina, perhaps you know that I was smiling as I read this. Your Christmas tree cards are marvelous. Don't think that I've mentioned to you that I also have a way of wanting to fit something into any available speck of time. Usually does work out...but that recurring element of doubt does enter my mind sometimes at the eleventh hour. (I've just started knitting a pair of socks for a special Christmas gift, and have a few other planned knitting projects waiting for an open runway to my waking hours. xo


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