Monday 19 December 2016

Advent 2016 - nineteen

I admit I'm beginning to run out of steam with these advent posts but I can't stop now so it's an old photo today. But this was what I was doing yesterday afternoon.

Forty eight gingerbread biscuits iced and ready for collection today. I've only got nine dozen mince pies, five packets of biscotti and a first birthday cake to make this week and then I can bigin to think about what we'll be eating this Christmas!


  1. For goodness sake have a coffee and put your feet up!! You are making me feel exhausted - again!x Love those snowflake biscuits.

  2. that all?????
    beautiful icing. :)

  3. So festive. Very clever lady :) B x

  4. Very dainty! I'd like one with my cup of tea - or maybe six! I'm now going to have a blog-fest and read ALL your December posts so far!! xx

  5. So pretty. You are such a trooper! How is that beautiful wee grandie of your's doing?

    1. He's gorgeous but then of course we are biased!

  6. Just reading your post makes me feel exhausted. I hope you find time to have a break with a cuppa and one of your biscuits.

  7. Don't forget to breathe, will you? xx


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