Thursday 1 December 2016

Advent 2016 - one

I'd hate to break with tradition so today on this first day of December I'll give you the same picture that I think I have posted pretty much every year since I started blogging ( I can't actually be bothered to check so it may be a slight exaggeration!)

Our advent calendar is up, hand stitched by me many years ago and finished late one November 30th... Or possibly even in the early hours of 1st December in the days when there were four small boys living here. As ever the little bags are filled with chocolates. And yes, the four small boys are grown up and gone away and there are just two adults in our house at present since you ask. Is that a problem?


  1. Chocolate is never a problem! Love the calendar and I bet the boys did too.

  2. There's a big problem with Advent chocolates for adults....... said nobody, ever! Love your angelic calendar. There was a little picture of the three Wise Men in the first window of mine. And a tube of handcream in my M&S beauty one.

  3. No problem at all! I think that after four boys you have earned that chocolate!!! Happy advent!

  4. Problem? What problem?
    Enjoy the chocolate!

  5. Maybe this year you'll get to eat the chocolate, that's if you can keep Stewart away from it. Enjoy! (Maybe it's even liqueur chocolate?)

  6. The only problem I see is if there is only one chocolate in each bag ;)

    I've read all your advent posts (so far) in reverse order tonight Gina, and just loved them all. A nice finish to my nutty week(s) of December. Cheers!
    Wendy x


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