Tuesday 18 December 2007

A seasonal challenge

I knew I couldn't stay away! Have totally exhausted myself Christmas shopping today, I then came home to prepare for "Zigzag" tomorrow. As well as getting materials ready for the class I thought I'd better get my "December Challenge" finished - especially as I've still not finished the "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" from November! We had to make an ATC using metals, on a seasonal theme for a Christmas swap. So this is mine - not very original but fits the bill.

I expect there will be plenty of photos of everyone elses tomorrow! Must go... a glass of red wine is calling my name!


  1. it looks gorgeous...!!wish you wonderful christmas days and hope you have enough silence and strength for new projects .Warmly Barbara

  2. Lovely card, Gina. Good to see you got back from Chelmsford ok and that you're enjoying a glass! Hope you're cold is improving. :)

  3. It's beautiful Gina!! Minx is still home but feeling a bit better ;)
    I'm going to curl up and crochet. I'll be taking yours and Lucy's advice and getting Minx's blanket finished - once she's all tucked up tonight.
    Hope the wine went down well!
    Lesley xxx

  4. Your card is gorgeous - and it looks original to me!

  5. Love the ATC! And say hello to that glass of red wine - he's a good friend of mine! Lucy x


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