Sunday 9 December 2007

It's a bit wet

"It looks a bit wet out there Maud"
"It looks a lot wet out there Mungo"
"Mmm... Maud... do you think it's raining in Lincolnshire?"
"I expect so"
"Shall we stay in here by the fire tonight"
"Good idea... but we'll have to go to Lincolnshire tomorrow Mungo."

Look I've done something for Christmas... well actually that's not entirely true. My very lovely and clever Mum (she reads this!) made this beautiful garland for our front door. But I hung it up!!

I'm off to join Mungo and Maud by the fire!


  1. Hello Gina
    We have definately had more than our fair share of rain today here in Lincolnshire.Maude and Mungo look like comical characters.What a lovely garland your mum has made.

  2. I wasn't going to look in today but curiosity got the better of me and (how do you spell high pitched scream of delight?!!!!!) I am beside myself! Maude and Mungo are fantastic! I am so lucky. Happy dancing here! Laughing all over my face! Oh.......they are coming here aren't they? hehehehe

  3. Mungo and Maud are MARVELLOUS!

    Love the art work from the earlier post and French Kiss is one of my most favourite films ever!!!

    Lucy x

  4. Lovely garland Gina's Mum!!!

    Maude and Mungo are fab and have made me smile after a really crubbish day.
    Thank you xxxx

  5. I do like Mungo and Maud - lucky Julie if that's where they are off to :)

  6. your sock puppets are amazing! wow...

    i hope you are going to submit some work to the new mag coming out next year called 'stuffed' by somerset :-)

    (i dont work for them! lol)


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