Saturday 15 December 2007

It smells like Christmas

True to his word, Stewart has spent today making the Christmas cake. And I have to say it looks and smells pretty good - not bad for his first ever cake! Recipe is from Delia's Christmas book - The Creole Christmas cake with a couple of adjustments. Can't wait to taste it!

As for me... I've been feeling sorry for myself for the past couple of days. A piece of filling fell out of my tooth on Thursday while I was eating lunch (a very soft egg sandwich!) leaving a rather large and sensitive hole. Fortunately there was a cancelation at the dentist on Friday so they managed to fit me in but when the anaesthetic wore off I felt like I'd done three rounds with Mike Tyson. It was very sore. And to make matters worse, this morning I've woken up with a cold. Bah humbug! But I have been busy. First of all I had another order for a pendant to make - very sophisticated black and silver.

I then finished off another four angels to put into various presents and parcels...

And finally the last member of the Splatt family - Sylvester Splatt - has been parceled up and sent off. It is such a problem trying to fit into those jiffy bags...

This might work... no, bit too painful...

Let's see if this will do the trick... mmm maybe not?

Despite all the contortions he is parcelled and sent. And today I've being doing a spot of dressmaking. All will be revealed very soon - if everything goes according to plan.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend - we're off to a Thai restaurant this evening. Got to wake Stewart up first... he's worn himself out with all the cake making!


  1. Gina, you do make me laugh with your splats and trying to get them into jiffy bags...

  2. Hope the cake tastes as good as it looks and stop tormenting Sylvester! Lucy x

  3. I can almost smell that Christmas cake - mmmm, lovely!
    Sylvester is great and very supple!
    Sorry you're feeling poorly and hope you feel better very soon :)
    Lesley xx

  4. What a hilarious character Sylvester Splatt is. The christmas cake looks yummy. Would Stewart consider giving lessons to "admin"?I'm sorry to hear you have a cold. The man flu situation here is getting worse. He went to the doctors on Friday - she wanted him to go to hospital but he refused. He has to go back to the doctors tomorrow.

    The necklace is fantastic very 1920s.

    I was given a wonderful present today, a pair of antique bag handles. I am going to save them for next year and use them during your course.

  5. Sorry to hear you're not well, Gina. I hope you're feeling a bit better today. Poor Sylvester, he'll have cramp 'time he gets where he's going! The cake looks wonderful! Clever DH!
    Julie xx


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