Thursday 20 December 2007

Frost and Trees

There was such a wonderful heavy frost this morning that it looked as if it had snowed overnight. Perfect winter dog walking weather - very cold but crisp and fresh... and with no muddy paws!

I couldn't resist taking the camera out with me and took loads of photos but these are just a few of the best ones. The frost on this seed head looks like thorns it is so spikey!

These leaves were really pretty colours under the frosting but it doesn't show because I needed to use the flash which has taken the colour out. They're still pretty though.

I loved the contrast of the orange berries against the white branches. It was all so beautiful.

In fact, I was so captivated by it all and so engrossed in taking photos, not only did I lose all feeling in my fingers but I also lost the dog! He just made his own way home and was waiting for me at the back gate.

Last night we finally got our tree put up and decorated. It was met with some resistance -
"What? You really want to put it up tonight?"
"You sure?"
"If you insist"
I love the tradition of decorating the tree and taking out all the different decorations - some dating back many years - and remembering where they all came from. When the children were small they would all help and then I would move things around after they had gone to bed! Perhaps that's why they just leave it all to me now - what a terrible mother!

This year there are some very new decorations - my Dotee angel from Dot

And one from Julie

There are still some homemade ones that the children made when they were small

and homemade ones that I made when the children were small (this Santa is about 22 years old!)

And others that remind me of old friends. This is one of my favourites, given to us by some Texan friends many years ago.

And last of all my favourite fairy to go on the top. I suspect she is a bit of a floozy and is starting to look a bit worse for wear with a broken wing and shedding feathers but I still like her in her sparkly knitted dress! I think some repairs are in order before next year.


  1. So many beautiful things to look at Gina! What a beautiful morning, your photos are lovely. I have your angel on my tree too (I shall have to blog it as I had originally left her with her friend on my cabinet door but she looks happier on the tree.) Your 22 year old Santa is beautiful and your tree is glorious! I hope you rewarded yourselves with a glass of the red stuff when you finished.

  2. The frosts have been wonderful this week and I haven't been out with the camera. Thanks for posting your lovely frosty photos - the seed head is fabulous!
    The tree looks gorgeous and I can't believe your Santa is 22 years old!
    Lesley xx

  3. Glad you had fun decorating your tree - have a super christmas! lucy x

  4. Wasn't the frost gorgeous? We went off to the teddy train at Audley End and even though I nearly froze to death we were so glad we went on Thursday because it looked magical. Back to soggy again now!


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