Monday 16 December 2019

Decking the Halls

When you have lived somewhere for almost thirty years the Christmas decorations evolve to fit the house, so moving somewhere new feels like starting all over again. When we packed up after Christmas last year I did get rid of quite a bit, such as my stair garland, as I knew it was unlikely to fit a new home. To be honest I was glad to see the back of it as each year it seemed a little balder and dustier than before! Most of the other bits and pieces have been accommodated into our cottage with only a few being relegated back into the box, having tried them and decided they don't really fit.

Despite downsizing we have gone from a single fire place to having three so that has required a major rethink as I don't really want to go out buying new stuff... being on a year of not buying new stuff where possible. The big open hearth with it's solid wood mantel proved a challenge but over the weekend I went foraging for greenery and pine cones and came home laden. One reel of florist's wire later plus a few silk poinsettias from our old stair garland and I have a beautifully decorated hearth in our living/dining/kitchen area.

 I feel quite pleased with my efforts!


In our small front room I have put together more pine cones and poinsettias together with ornaments that used to adorn our piano and have decorated the mantel there.

And the fireplace in our hallway has inherited the garland that used to decorate the one and only fireplace in our old house.

So together with a wonderful 8' tree, grown in the village and carried home on Saturday I think the house feels just about ready for Christmas

If only everything else was so organised... I've barely even thought about gifts or food etc! And we might just have to go without a Christmas cake, although it wouldn't be the only year I make one with less than a week to go! But I'm not stressing because none of it really matters.
Are you ready for Christmas yet?


  1. Your fireplaces look great, I've only one but I do love a house with lots!!
    And no definitely not ready for next week.
    V x

  2. I love your decorated mantelpieces and that you have found new places for your much loved decorations.

    Am I ready? I am getting there slowly - a pace of choice. No stressing here either.

  3. You did a great job! So far, we have a door wreath. (There's a tree in a bucket of water in the garage but I'm waiting for the cavalry to arrive to manoeuvre it into the house and then into its holder.) The other houses in our street are lit up like Blackpool!

  4. Not even nearly ready but that's normal in our family. I really like your traditional red and green decorations on your mantel piece. An 8 foot tree is quite substantial! We'd be ok for the height but usually the width of a taller tree is too much for our small living room. Have a lovely week xx

  5. I loved decorating our mantelpiece with fresh greenery and made a fresh garland for the stairs too in years gone by. When I moved into my flat a big downsize took place. There is no room for a tree and I decided to do without, but my son treated me to a tiny one just in
    case I changed my mind. It looks sweet with tiny lights and baubles made from beads as I couldn't find any small enough. I cheat and use artificial foliage now and use it every year. Your mantelpieces look beautiful as does your tree. I would say you are just about ready for Christmas - bar the cake and gifts!

  6. Looking beautiful. Good that you are returning to old free traditions of bringing in greenery for Christmas. How lovely to have three fire places. A very cosy new home :) B x

  7. Your cottage looks so cosy and festive. Three fireplaces! How wonderful. As for preparations, things are slowly being ticked off the list here :)

  8. Haha, I have been in my place for 26 years and have never used decorations at all. I just can't be bothered, you put them up, they get dusty and you take them down again. It's quicker my way!

    I do, though, admit that yours look splendid.

  9. Everything looks wonderful. I love all the traditional mantelpiece decorations. As for the rest, I'm sure it will happen.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!


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