Saturday 7 December 2019

Advent Windows

It's not often that I'm sitting doing nothing much on a Saturday afternoon but after several weeks of non stop activity plus a bout of seasonal insomnia (always happens this time of year - too much going on adds up to a busy head that won't let me sleep) has led to my body screaming "Stop and put your feet up woman". So that is what I am doing. However I'm not one for daytime snoozing so I thought I would pop by here for a quick update while I recline on the sofa.

Within just a few weeks of moving to the village I was asked if I would like to participate in an advent windows event called "Light the Night". Throughout December different households light up a window each evening until there are twenty four different illuminated windows throughout the village. It sounded such a lovely idea and back in July, December was still a long way off so of course I agreed to take part. Fast forward several months and I have been frantically gluing and grouting broken china and mosaic tiles to wooden angel shaped bases. There were a few technical issues i.e the stick on hooks kept falling off the window frames and until I actually switched it all on I wasn't sure how illuminated it would be but come lighting up time on 2nd December I was thrilled with the resulting window.

I have fifteen mosaic angels plus a bauble with a number two (because we were 2nd December) hanging from each glass panel amid lots of fairy lights and twinkly bits.

We had quite a crowd turn up for lighting up time who were treated to a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie or two.

It has felt lovely to be part of such a festive tradition and although I'm sure we won't make every lighting up time until 24th, we have managed to be there at 5pm every evening so far.

The event was started last Sunday on the 1st December at the village pub where ten windows were revealed one at a time while the landlady read the story of The Nutcracker to the gathered crowd.

On 3rd my friend Vicky revealed her windows, which depicted the Three Little Pigs. Her beautiful straw thatched cottage used to be a piggery and then subsequently it was a pub called The Pig and Whistle. Her thatch also has straw pigs along the roofline so you'll understand why she chose her beautiful scene. The colours are glorious.

On the 4th we were treated to a Bethlehem scene lit up by a beautiful star

And on 5th, the school revealed their window of the Three Kings bearing gifts, created by the pupils and staff.

Last night we were treated to a traditional nativity scene with beautiful carved wooden figures from Africa.

We'll be taking another little wander up the road this evening to see what is in store for the seventh window as it is such a wonderful way to count down the days until Christmas. Although to be fair we have got a chocolate calander too!


  1. What a friendly way to celebrate Advent. I love your window with your angels, and the Bethlehem window is another favorite.

  2. What a lovely thing to do, see and be part of

  3. Your window is an absolute triumph, beautifully done. And what a lovely idea for the village. All lovely windows so far, I shall look forward to seeing more. CJ xx

  4. What a lovely idea. Your angels are delightful and each window is so different from the others. Hope you sleep well tonight.

  5. What a lovely idea. Your window looks great. Worth the work put in to making it. I can just imagine it when all of the windows are lit up.

  6. What a lovely tradition ... your window looks amazing Gina!!

  7. I think this is a fantastic idea! Your window looks wonderful do all the others.

  8. So uplifting to see this within a village community. Your angels look fabulous. I'm so impressed!

  9. What a lovely idea and your own window looks fantastic! My own neighbourhood doesn't have enough community spirit to anything like this, just competitive flashing lights on the front lawns.

  10. I love your village! The windows look so wonderfully festive so well done to all of the participants. Meanwhile, in the House of Scrooge......

  11. Marvellous! All of it - you are truly a part of the village already.


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