Thursday 22 December 2011

Day :: Twenty Two

I'm back on list:
  • Food shopping - tick (& feeling very smug!)
  • present wrapping - tick

Although I'm not sure the homemade bags...

with all those paper snowflakes, were ever on my original list.

But I think they were one of my better ideas... unlike the stollen!

My chickens have gobbled up the stollen. However, the wild birds, like my family, have given it a wide berth!


  1. The bags are brilliant!! :)
    I'm getting through my list too, except I'm supposed to be cleaning the house today but it's a slow process! :(
    V x

  2. Love the bags- very 'concealed and to-be-revealed'
    (My word verification word is fetiv - a cross between festive and fetid?)

  3. The bags are a brilliant idea, I still need to wrap some presents, putting it off!
    The soda bread was very good, in fact I plan to make more! Hope Joe has a good time in Sydney, I spoke to Rachel via Skype this morning, she'll be off up the coast camping from tomorrow over Christmas! Just hoping she doesn't like it too much out there. One of my cousins wrote in her birthday card don't forget your a boomerang, hope Joe is one too.
    Have a lovely Christmas Gina!

  4. I don't know how you get time to make those, they are lovely! Well done for keeping the daily blog up - nearly there!

  5. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas.

  6. If I had presents wrapped like that Gina I wouldn't care what was inside the bag because the bag would be present enough! Thought of you this morning with the news from Christchurch. Hope your son is away from the site of the latest tremors.L x

  7. Isn't it lovely seeing a long row of ticks? I love your gift bags, they are so smart and such a good idea, not to mention beautifully made.

  8. Brilliant bags! My to-do list has just gone off the end of the page...


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