Friday 16 December 2011

Day :: Sixteen

Despite all the manic activity it has been good to find time to spend with friends this week... special friends who have given me some special gifts. This beautiful beaded snowflake came from Val when we met for a quick cuppa on Tuesday.

And today I've had time out for a making day with Susan, Sandra, Selena and Ricki. I forgot my camera so no photos but I can show this lovely wire ornament made for me by Sandra.

And these sort of presents are extra special because every year when I hang them on my tree, I'll remember the friends who gave them to me.


  1. The old saying 'little things mean a lot' is so true Gina, and those tree decorations are lovely.

  2. Last year I got a similar snowflake in the colours of Soul Food. When I just decorated our christmas tree I smiled because it reminded me of a sweet friend and our passion to create.

    Have a wonderful weekend and I hope that your ornaments will bring you just as much joy as mine do.

  3. Beautiful decorations made with love - the best kind to hang on your tree.

    Good to hear you enjoyed some special time with friends.


  4. Gina, that wire ornament is right up my street with its minimal drawing of what constitutes an ornament.

    Hoping that your brother's leg will turn out not to have been too damaged. (My motorcycle riding days are decades ago, but I still remember a few close calls.)


  5. Such lovely momentos of friendships.

  6. That's a great way to decorate a tree Gina. I like the idea of it then having associations with special people. I'm trying to catch up with your posts... I also made a snow globe a la Kirstie but too much shaking made my robin come unstuck!!He now floats in the snow globe.....

  7. 'Handmade with love' decorations are definitely the best!
    V x

  8. Well, I have your clothespin angel on my tree every year so we're even!

    Lovely to see you. Your mincepies are being made in many houses in our village this weekend ...


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