Wednesday 21 December 2011

Day :: Twenty One

I'm working my way down the list:
  • presents bought - tick
  • decorations up - tick
  • puddings steamed - tick
  • cards written and posted - tick
  • christmas cake decorated - tick

There was a lot of marzipan left when I finished decorating the cake so I decided I would make stollen. But something went wrong and instead of the light fluffy cake like dough filled with fruit and a melting marzipan centre I seem to have made a stollen brick... two of them. I made myself eat a slice for breakfast just to see if it tasted okay but wish I'd stuck to porridge! Looks like the birds are in for a treat, although I fear they might be unable to take off after eating this!

Oh well... that will teach me to go off-list.
Back on it today... wrapping presents.


  1. Maybe they could be yule logs?

    What a shame! I have to say, the one and only time I decided to make stollen at home (Delia by any chance?) I realised there's a reason people buy it instead ...

  2. What a shame :-(
    I think I'd have yo eat the marzipan out of the middle before giving the crusts to the hens.


  3. So disappointing when recipes go wrong and it looks so lovely too. The birds will have a treat even if they do have to go on a diet in the New Year!

  4. Oh Gina I can't belive your stollen went wrong. Unfortunately I have no words of wisdom to offer except to say that I'm used to taking things out of the oven that are not quite right.

  5. I'm with Dottie Cookie, have you thought about burning them on the fire, whilst eating the marzipan? ;-)

    This is advice from a domestic goddess x

  6. I'm with Magic Cochin..............

  7. Ignore them all and stick with your first thoughts Gina. Feed those birds up for Christmas. They will love such a sweet treat! I am suggesting this solution as a marzipan hating bird loving girl. It would work for me! Good luck with wrapping the presents. It all sounds very organised chez Ferrari.

  8. Your christmas cake looks great and how sweet of you to make a special cake for the birds!! Have a great Christmas and thanks for the advent blogs


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