Saturday 10 December 2011

Day :: Ten

This was the final project for my class at The Settlement this term. Small stuffed felt hearts for hanging on the Christmas tree... on anywhere else for that matter, adapted from a pattern by Jill Kennedy in Stitch magazine

Margaret made these gorgeous extra large blue versions above and Jan made all four of these below. Restraint was not the order of the day and they were all resplendent with metallic threads, beads, sequins and tassels.

These two below were made by Di... look at that gorgeous beaded parrot!

Clockwise, from top left, these were made by Ann, Elaine and Jenny. Although Elaine is an experienced machinist she is fairly new to machine embroidery so she was quite rightly delighted with her frosty blue heart... so pretty!

Debbie made Christmas trees as well as a heart.

Anne, another beginner, finished her fabulous green heart in class yesterday, complete with fancy tassel.

Barbara's is still a work in progress but she had missed a week when she was poorly.

And Ann was making another three to add to the one pictured above.

As always, the same set of instructions, but so many different beautiful interpretations. It has been a pleasure to teach this group this term and I'm already devising new things for January!


  1. Oh gosh, those really are lovely. The frosty edged one is just stunning!

  2. Oh they are all lovely. I may have to make some of these

  3. gorgeous work and lovely to see all the different interpretations as you say Gina. there is a lovely pattern for fabric heart brooches in the current issue of stitch too!

  4. Now I think I'm beginning to get an idea of what to make people for Christmas! Massive thank yous! You have a very talented group of ladies there, Gina.

  5. What a fabulous array of hearts - each one is so sumptuous and beautiful. The makers must be delighted with their results.

  6. they are all gorgeous! i love that too that each person interprets instuctions and adds their own spin & personality. i am feeling very christmassy now and want to make a few decs for our tree.
    wishing you a lovely weekend x

  7. Fabulous! Love them :)
    Each is very different in terms of marks, well done :) x

  8. Gina, it's clear to my eyes just how much fun you and your students had making these jolly, unique ornaments. No wonder that you all wanted to create a collection!

    Best wishes.

  9. Lovely, lovely work. Everyone has achieved a beautiful result, showing what a great teacher you are.

  10. Gina, Cathy is right, you must be an inspirational teacher. These are so varied but so skillfully made. Some lovely designs here.I bet they're already looking forward to January to see what you come up with next!

  11. Loving the hearts! I've a thing about them at the moment I don't know why, a few years ago everything was circles???


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