Friday 13 November 2009

A Rainy Day in London

It takes more than a drop of rain to put me off... so first stop The Royal Academy to meet my very special friend Jude to see the Anish Kapoor exhibition.

It was "interesting"... okay what I said at the time (referring to the sculpture in the picture above) using my honest artistic opinion... "It looks like piles of poo!" Actually some of it was interesting and very thought provoking and I loved the sculpture in the courtyard...

"Tall Tree and the Eye"... a fabulous stainless steel and carbon steel structure.

I took loads of photos of the reflections... of the reflections

Can you see me?

We then had lunch in our favourite restaurant before heading off to the V & A to see the Maharaja exhibition which I can thoroughly recommend. It is worth going just to see the fabulous jewels.

It also happened to be Jude's birthday this week and the very attentive among you may remember I bought this wool at the festival of quilts for a secret project...

Which I turned into this knitted and felted bag for Jude's birthday.

Couldn't resist making some little dangly flowery bits with the left over yarn!

After saying goodbye to Jude at the V & A I met Stewart after work at the Champagne Bar at St. Pancras before catching the train home. In his words "The perfect start to the weekend"... except I'm working tomorrow! Hope you all have a perfect weekend!


  1. Just a thimbleful

    Oh, Gina, you have whetted my appetite because I am going to follow in your footsteps on 25th , meeting a friend at the RA and going on to the V&A. Yippee..I LOVE a day in London (I used to work there!) but LOVE coming home to Cambridgeshire.
    I also LOOOOVVEE the knitted bag, what a girl!

  2. How lucky Jude is to have a friend like you. Beautiful bag and what a nice outing.

  3. Fantastic reflective sculpture and what a beautiful bag, Jude must have been delighted!

  4. You beat me to it on the first sculpture - that's exactly what it looks like!
    Your felted bag is really lovely - I especially like the 'accent stripe.

  5. If I could have been in London today, I would also have wanted to see those two shows ... and might just have given the same reviews.

    That felted bag is marvelous. Lucky Jude, and talented you.


  6. I love to think of you looking so glamorous in your red coat drinking in the Champagne bar. That is exactly what it was designed for - the end of a special day out and the beginning of a happy weekend.

  7. Rainy day reflections were perfect for that fantastic sculpture, lovely photos! Looks like great day out and the bag is super!

  8. I don't think I'd have said poo but it does look very like the play-doh spaghetti my children make with the 'pushy' tool!
    The reflections are fabulous and the bag is even more so!

  9. It sounds like a perfect, very grown up day out. Hope the teaching goes well this weekend!

  10. Souds like a really nice day. That bag is lovely.

  11. I've become such a county bumpkin I'd be like a fish out of water in London now. The sculptures are certainly thought provoking and I love the one with all the amazing reflections. The V&A exhibition sounds very colourful and inspirational. Happy Birthday to Jude and I'm sure she loved her felted bag - it's beautiful and the dangly flowers just set it off.

  12. I can see you in your lovely bright red coat!

    That bag is so gorgeous, I imagine Jude was over the moon with it.


  13. That reflective sculpture is AMAZING. I haven't been to London to any exhibitions recently and you have given me itchy feet............... What a lovely gift that bag made!

  14. Wow that bag is FAB!! Lucky Jude. I would really like to see that sculpture at the National. I think it looks interesting. xx

  15. I want to take Charlie to the RA for that exhibition as he has been studying public art at school.
    Love the bag too!

  16. Just found this and thought you might like see that exhibition from another perspective


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