Sunday 29 November 2009

Feeling Festive

On Friday I met Dotty Cookie for lunch at our local garden centre. After eating we had a stroll around their Christmas shop... and we both ended up buying some little glass ornaments, which I'm sure one or other of us will show you soon! As a result I came home feeling very festive and had to make three dozen of these... mince pies with a frangipane topping... I say so myself but by far the best mince pies I've tasted in quite a while! (Recipe from The Times magazine from two weeks ago). In fact they are so good there are only half a dozen left!

The festive feeling has stayed with me all weekend so when Dotty Cookie posted a tutorial for a snow angel I couldn't resist giving it a try (despite the shadow of degree work to finish looming large)... and here she is!

And then I even had to get this out ready for Tuesday. Despite the children I still have living at home being 17, 20 and 24 there were still cries of "Oh, the advent calendar!" I guess you are never too old to be feeling festive!

No bags of chocolate hanging up yet though... I know my boys too well!


  1. THREE DOZEN?!!!! Good grief, woman, that's some hankering for mince pies you have!

    And I'm very impressed at the speed of your angel stitchery - was that felt really from Tescos? I should look harder next time!

  2. Sweet little angel and very yummy mince pies. I think you're going to be very busy in the run up to Christmas if the first batch have disappeared with such speed!

  3. Heaven! stitching and mince pies yummy. Jane x

  4. Blimey Missus you know how to make a mincie! They look divine.
    I agree you are never too old for an advent calendar.
    Loving the angel too. x

  5. gorgeous little angel and mince pies! and i know what you mean about hiding chocolates!


  6. The mince pies look delicious - I saw the tutorial for the angel, and would love to try to make one!

    Pomona x

  7. Your mince pies look delicious, I am going to make some this week too.
    I have a garden centre date with DottieCookie in a couple of weeks too! I can't wait!

  8. Now they sound like my kind of mince pie!! yummy.. Any chance of the recipie? xx

  9. ps: I am mostly not in a festive mood, so these mince pies may help! xx

  10. Just a thimbleful....

    Mincepies are my one weakness, and angels are also high on the list. I don't take The Times(devoted to the DT Xword) but will try looking it up on their website.

  11. Frangipaned topping sounds wonderful....... My 29 year old son has put his orders in for gold foiled chocolate coins! (Goodness only knows why because the chocolate is pretty vile usually, but its part of Christmas that goes back to childhood I think....).

  12. Well, this is just the sort of post to get me diving into the Christmas spirit.

    I'll look up that mince pie recipe. Over here in NYC we do get some commercial ready-made versions shipped in, but don't we all know that home made is best!


  13. Definitley never too old Gina. I am so excited it is ridiculous! x

  14. I love Dotty's clever Snow Angel :-)

    How many mince pies!!!! Good grief Gina! But then you have all those hungry chaps to feed ...

    I might need that recipe for the Post-Carol-Singing-Party ;-)


  15. Hee hee - I put our advent calendar up today, with little notes in each day for things to do. I wrote 'Put the chocolates on the tree' on a card for 23rd December - because I know my two far too well too!

  16. Those mince pies look delicious. I never like them as much as I think I'm going to but I think that almondy topping is going to do the trick. As for the advent calender...well I think we must both have been looking at the same Country Living many years ago because I have an almost identical one I made for my three children, now aged 36,33, and 29! It gave me quite a turn when I saw yours. I thought, Gina's been in my attic!
    P x


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