Saturday 21 November 2009

It Happens Every Year

In June I get a phone call:
"Would you like to put an advert in the village Harvest Fair programme?"
"Yes, why not... I know I'll advertise a Chistmas Open Day"
Move forward five months and a friend will casually remark:
"Looking forward to your open day in a couple of weeks."
"Open day? OPEN DAY????"

I always forget. I always think I've got plenty of time. So this week has seen several of these chaps being finished off:

A few more of these being made:

Several bits and bobs made for the tree:

And even some more of these:

Of course because I forgot all about it I've not really advertised it so probably no one will turn up for my open day... TODAY!!! But on the bright side that will mean I can sit stitching my portraits and I'll have plenty of homemade pressies all ready for Christmas!
I suppose I should get off the computer and go and shower... I open in just over an hour!


  1. Hope it goes well Gina - wish I could come along - but it's The Bazaar in our village... must dash to pack up cakes and price up my cards!


  2. I hope that you get lots of visitors and ones who would like to buy. I feel sure you will.

  3. It is 10.01 am now and am sure you are inundated already. Looking forward to the follow-up post.

  4. Oooh, now there's a thought. The girls want to know whether you have any cakes and huge fridge boxes lurking about today?

  5. Just a thimbleful...

    You exhaust me, Gina! I would come over but George and I are off up to Birmingham to see William playing in his first concert with the University Orchestra! Proud Grandparents day.
    Good luck.

  6. I just love those tea cosies Gina. Really so original. How do you do the faces? Is it freehand embroidery or pen? Just lovely. Good luck with it all x

  7. Good luck with your show Gina. Hope lots of people turn up. xx

  8. hope today proves to be busy and fun Gina. I love your t cosies!
    ginny x

  9. have a great day! wish i could just pop on over (the great pond, that is)

  10. Ohmygosh! Well, at least you have some cute goodies -- I hope it goes well!

  11. ihope you have loads of people and sell lots! Hope your weather up there better than ours!!!


  12. I do love your sock creatures, Gina. Where did you find the socks? I've finally got round to making sock monkeys for grandsons for Christmas having seen them several years ago when you could buy quite pretty coloured stripes on the market. Now all I could find were horrific fluorescent orange and pink stripes.
    Oh, and the Tea cosies are great!x

  13. Hope you've been putting your feet up this evening and having a well earned rest after a busy week.


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