Thursday 12 June 2008

Quick and Easy

On occasions I have been known to buy a bottle of elderflower cordial as topped up with sparkling water it makes a good non-alcholic alternative to sparkling wine. However I don't make a habit of it because it is so expensive... (and frankly I prefer the wine!) So this week inspired by Pipany and the abundant hedgerows I went out a-gathering and came back with a bagful of these wonderful frothy elderflower heads. I've never tried making elderflower cordial before but it was incredibly easy.

I found a Sophie Grigson recipe (although Pipany has now kindly shared hers too) and started out by making a thick sugar syrup (1.8 kg sugar & 1.2 litres water). I then put the pared rind and two chopped lemons in a big bowl.

Added the 20 elderflower heads.

Poured over the boiling syrup and stirred in 75g of citric acid (bought from the chemist)

Left it to stand for 24 hours before straining and bottling!
Six bottles for £2.70 and about 20 minutes effort.
How quick and easy was that!

And it tastes delicious -
far more elderflowery than any bought variety I've tasted.
I need to make some fancy labels for my bottles now.
Meanwhile I'm enjoying a glass as I type!

Also this week I've abandoned my usual sock knitting for something much quicker and cuter... these little booties for silver pebble's new arrival. Made in Rowan cashcotton from Saartje's pattern.

Made in an evening and also quick and easy!


  1. Awww, beautiful bootees - I'm sure Emma will love them.

    The elderflower cordial looks great - well done you! x

  2. Delicious cordial Gina! All you now need is some sunshine! I must check the hedge – we were thinking of trying Elderflower Champagne this year.

    Cute bootees! Perfect for the new Miss Pebble.


  3. I'm glad you posted that - elderflower cordial is on my to do list as well!

    And isn't Saartje's pattern fun and lovely?

  4. Baby Pebble's booties are gorgeous!

    Only last week I was smelling the beautiful elderflowers with the children and wondering if I could make elderflower cordial! Now it seems I can - although I may have to wait 'til next year to build up a stock of bottles.

    Great recipe and photos Gina - thanks for sharing :)


  5. I suddenly have an overwhelming desire for elderflower cordial - it looks absolutely delicious!

  6. Cutie bootees, perfect for a new arrival.
    The Elderflower cordial looks lovely and sounds as if even I could manage that.

  7. I have never seen Elder flower cordial made before, so thank you for that! The booties are so great ... thank you for the link.

  8. Aww, those booties are really sweet.
    Thanks for the cordial instructions, you're right, it is really expensive. I'm dying to try it out but am not too confident in my ability to spot an elderflower. Better wait until I get home and can ask an expert!

  9. hello, just found you via moogsmum! Great recipie and I have loads of elderflower in the garden, so will try this soon. Funnily enough, I actually MET Sophie Grigson this week!! She came into the shop where I work to buy a microplane grater. x

  10. Sweet little bootees! Little Miss Pebble will look lovely in them.

    Well done on the elderflower cordial. If you lived near to Belvoir you could sell the flowers to the people who make Belvoir Country Wines.

  11. Those booties are adorable - I'm sure Emma and the tiny pebble will be delighted! Lucy x

  12. You're right Lucy - I'm completely delighted - such a gorgeous surprise to arrive with Miss Choc a Spots! They're perfect and so soft. They also fit which is fantastic. Pictures to come soon....

    I've been meaning to have a go at elderflower cordial for years - if only to make use of the elder triffids that keep popping up at the back of the veg bed. You're right - it looks so easy. Not only a bargain but the essence of British summer in a bottle. Rambling slightly - lack of sleep does that.


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