Wednesday 4 June 2008

A Dog's Life

In the long list of birthdays and celebrations to come over the next few weeks I completely forgot about the dog, who is 8 years old today. I would have posted cute puppy pictures... but I couldn't find them! Instead this is Barley this morning, totally oblivious to birthdays or anything else, happy as long as he has food and walks and someone to love him... now I can identify with that simple approach to life!

No birthday cake (not good for dogs) but instead... a birthday sausage!
Happy birthday Barley!

Now did I happen to mention I will be soon celebrating 150 blog posts and that we might have to celebrate? Well this is 149 so come back tomorrow and there could be news of a bloggy give away.... a little clue below!



  1. Happy Birthday Barley! (Tell him I said 'woof' ... he'll know what I mean).

    As for the giveaway item - that's not scary, that's cute ... and it's got my name all over it. Really. If you look hard enough, I'm sure you'll find it.


  2. We may have a potential girlfriend for birthday boy Barley at this end - Minnie - same age, another sausage fan, also loves the simple life, especially lolling on soft furnishings.

    I think we're doing a giveaway at the same time! Like the look of yours...

  3. Happy Birthday Barley!!! Moog sends a special birthday Woof!

    Your giveaway looks VERY exciting and not at all scary :)


  4. Happy Birthday Barley!!!! I love the idea of a birthday sausage in place of a cake - do you think Fred would accept that too????

    Lucy x

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARLEY! I'm quite envious of that birthday sausage- Germans don't do PROPER sausages.
    I'll be back tomorrow :)

  6. Happy birthday Barley! I hope you enjoyed the sausage. I'll be abck tomorrow too - hope I remember after my day out!

  7. Belated birthday to Barley!

    Diane at Alberta Postcards
    & Dogs Naturally

  8. Belated happy birthday Barley! I agree with his love of the simple life. And love the pic of the birthday sausage. Am sure he scoffed it pretty quickly!

  9. First off -- I love choc o, second Barley's birthday sausage is pretty impressive!!!


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