Friday, 20 June 2008

Fashion Show.

Lots and lots of pictures today because this is where I was yesterday...

The Cambridge University Fashion Show!

We had rehearsals all day on Tuesday and then yesterday we were at the Cambridge Corn Exchange all day from 9 am until the end of the show. Because all the models in the recycled bag competition were under sixteen, I'd volunteered to be backstage as a chaperone and dresser so it was a long and tiring day. For the most part there were twenty girls shut into a windowless dressing room up on the top floor - as you can see, very crowded (and hot) but the girls were all brilliant. There was lots of camaraderie... and cake...

... and plastic Sainsbury's bags!
Mostly orange but one or two painted purple and pink!

Lots of laughs and new friendships formed

And here they are waiting for their entrance at the dress rehearsal.

My dress didn't pick up any prizes but I was in a bit of a no win situation really. I know it was picked by the judges but circumstances made it impossible to win. Although the competition was open to all ages, the majority of the competitors (apart from me and possibly a couple others) were under sixteen so it wasn't fair to all be judged together and therefore the winners were picked from the children's entries. I can't pretend that I didn't feel disappointed and a little deflated by the end of the evening... but that's life! And as you can see, Sophie did me proud and the dress looked pretty good when she modelled it down the catwalk!

Whichever way you looked at her!

The prize winners were all fantastic. The one below came third but I think this would have been my first choice. It was very cleverly fitted and ruched up the length of the dress with a wonderful floaty train. Very elegant and beautifully modelled.

You can see the detail of the ruching better below. It was also tied all down the back using the bag handles.

This one came second - very wild and wacky!

And in first place was this - also wild and wacky and great fun!

All very deserving winners but not the only amazing dresses.
These are just a few of the others...

Who would think you could do so many amazing things with plastic bags! Overall it was a terrific show, brilliant entertainment and great fun to watch (I got to see the evening performance) with lots of other amazing creations as well as the plastic bag outfits and the whole thing was for charity so all in a good cause.
To compensate for any disappointment, this morning I got my results for my last OPUS module. I passed (it is only pass or fail at this stage, not grades) but also received this comment "Your successful orange dress form demonstates ambition at this stage of the course and we would recommend that you keep developing this vision in your work. This is a very exciting start... well done!" I might not abandon my designing career just yet then....


  1. Let me be the first. I reckon all that orange says the Dutch football team could have a very alternative team strip for the latter stages of Euro 2008. I'm sure the players and management would be interested

    Congrats on the pass - obviously the move away from Dolly Bobbin is going down a storm at Opus!!

  2. Well done Gina! That show looks like it was hard work and really exciting – definitely a day for running on adrenalin!

    And the comment from OPUS is well deserved – hope you're going to have a treat to celebrate!


  3. I still think that yours is the best out of all of them, I would have voted for yours.
    Well done on the OPUS results, good comments like that are not to be sniffed at. You should be proud and go celebrate.

  4. Congratulations Gina, your dress looked wonderful and it is a shame you didn't win but don't the girls look lovely. Jane x

  5. Congrats on the pass results. Bugger about not being included in the judged part of the event. I think you would have won hands down.

  6. Well congratulations on the OPUS pass - and the comments. I hope you take them to heart and realise that they wouldn't be saying things like that unless they truly admired your work.

    Sorry you didn't win the bag dress competition. What a shame - yours is clearly the best! x

  7. Well done Gina! It sounds like you passed your module with flying colours even if you didn't get an actual mark.
    The fashion show looks absolutely brilliant. It's a shame your beautiful dress didn't win (darned age-ism) but at least those that did win were very good.

  8. I would have chosen yours too but what amazing work from the youngsters - thanks for sharing it all and congratulations on your (not unexpected of course)pass!

  9. They are amazing dresses! What a great show to be part off. What is the OPUS course you are doing? Well done on the results anyway. :)

  10. oh wow, the show looks amazing!, you're the winner in our eyes : )

  11. I think that your dress stood out for technique and form in a very impressive entry. It must have been spectacular on the stage. I think the ruched dress is impressive and I like the idea of using the bag handles but I still think that the honeycomb effect of your dress put you in a different league. It was a wonderful achievement and you should be very proud. I am glad that your assessment supports me!

    Congratulations Gina. Now - what next!!

  12. Huge congratulations on your Opus results Gina and your dress looks stunning!

    I also think yours is the best but am most impressed with all the variations on a Sainsbury's carrier bag - what a great event to be involved with :)


  13. Your dress looks amazing - but I can understand how you felt a bit flat by the end of the evening. Big congratulations on your Opus pass and that fantastic comment - well deserved in my opinion!

    Lucy xxx

  14. Double congratulations Gina! A great result for your OPUS assessment and your dress looked great on the catwalk. Keep up the good work. (I don't blame you for feeling a bit let down though).

    Didn't the girls do well with the Fashion Show? Well done to everyone!

  15. Wow! Stunning dress and enthusiasitc comments fro OPUS.

    Shame your dress couldn't win a prize, but maybe they should've had two categories! All the dresses look such fun and the models really seem to have enjoyed it.

  16. Amazing, amazing dress. What a fun event. And congrats on your results.

  17. Well done on your module result. Fun pictures. Love the different designs, shame you didn't win but better luck next time.

  18. What a shame on the fashion show thing, but those comments from OPUS should be framed and hung in your workspace as inspiration :-)

  19. What amazing dresses! Congrats on the Pass too! :)

  20. Your dress was such a feat of fantastic engineering and with a gorgeous corsage too - if it were a fair playing field I expect you would have won hands down. I can see it must have been tough after all that work (and looking after all the girls too). Still, all the dresses looked so great and there was some serious young talent on show.

    Brilliant comment on your coursework - that's much much more than just a 'pass'!

  21. I assume it is very difficult to stitch a plastic bag without it tearing, so how did you keep all the pieces together? Lots of tying, stapling?

  22. Your dress is amazing!! I had admired the little pic of it on your blog, but hadn't imagined that it was made from plastic bags!!

  23. Oh, I can't believe I'm so behind with my blog reading - I think your dress looks fab both in real life and in the pictures. I do feel for the poor models clad in plastic in this weather though!

    Many congrats on the Opus result too :-)


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