Thursday 5 June 2008

Another birthday!

Today is Kirsty's birthday - Kirsty is Stewart's daughter - my stepdaughter (and you thought I existed in this exclusively male environment!) I've known Kirsty and her brother James for quite a few years - longer than I've known Stewart in fact (it was Kirsty and James that introduced us!) And it has been lovely to see this timid little girl grow up to be such a lovely, confident young woman.

Always smiling, always happy, always beautiful... and always excited by birthdays!
Happy 21st birthday Kirsty!

I know I promised a month of cake, but we're not seeing Kirsty today as she has just started a new job in London with long hours plus Stewart has to go up to Dundee for this evening and tomorrow so we're having a family meal out on Saturday instead... but there will be cake next week!

Now I'm sure there was something else...
Ah yes...

Let me introduce.....
well I'm not sure because it doesn't have a name yet.

...So I'm going to have a bit of a double give away. First of all, because I have managed to reach 150 blog posts (who would image I could talk so much???) if you leave a comment here between now and Sunday evening all names will go into a draw to win the spotty creature.

But because I can't decide on it's name there will also be a bit of a competition - leave a suggestion for a name along with your comment and the one I like best will receive a surprise package (it's a surprise because I haven't made it yet so I don't know what it is either!)

I'll leave you will a view of the tattoo on it's bum!


  1. Wow, I think I'm the first to comment so I am tongue tied !!!!! 150 posts, well I did know you talk a lot but that is way over the top. And as for a name for that new monster you have made, I think that The Splot Master would be fine for a spotty rake like him.

  2. Happy birthday to Kirsty! I like Mr Spotty. Neospot would be a name as he looks like Neopolitan ice cream colours!

  3. Happy birthday to Kirsty. 150 posts, well done they just get better and better.
    I think the sock creature should be called Choc a lots as he looks like someone who has over indulged. Which is just what I could do if I didnt have any will power.

  4. What a wonderful smile Kirsty has. And today I have a big GRIN on my face. Thank you Gina! (You know why)

  5. Oh sorry I meant to say..congratulations! 150 posts, and good ones at that- although I only found you recently.

  6. I asked the children to think of a name for her so here you go

    Fred says she should be called Isobel

    Daisy suggested Boggle

    and Dorothy came up with Milly the Monster

    Of the three I think I am going to have to go with a combo name of

    "Milly Boggle" (along the lines of makes your mind boggle)

    P.S. Big Happy Birthday to Kirsty and super happy 150 posts to you!

  7. Congratulations on 150 posts! I think the spotty creature is a 'she' called Tallulah. Tallulah the tattooed temptress!

  8. 21! - it seems so long ago... - hope you all have a great time when you meet up - she looks like such a smiler. Tough for her to be working long hours on her birthday.

    Many congrats on 150 posts - they're all such great reads too.

    I was thinking of other ladies who have tattooed botties and thought of the Spice Girls. It has to be Spotty Spice (or Mel Measles).

  9. Kirsty is beautiful. Wish her Happy Birthday from me too.

    Congratulations on 150 posts! I've enjoyed all of them and meeting up with you over the last year.

    Erm, name that sock creature? Clicloc! My brother used to call chocolate clicloc. I used to call it coggie! Goodness knows why!

  10. Well done on your 150 posts! I think he should be named Ferrero, like the expensive choccies! (play on your surname too???!!!)

  11. Firstly - congratulations on 150 posts - all of them classy, stylish and full of talent.

    Secondly - your stepdaughter is lovely - a very happy birthday to her.

    Thirdly, I think the spotty creature should be called 'Squiffy' because he/she looks like they've had a few!


  12. Aww! I think the species of the spotty creature is a "Sockling" and he should be called (because of those stunning eyelashes) Blinky :)

    Happy 150 posts, may there be many more to come!

    p.s. Happy 21st to Kirsty! It's the best age to be ;)

  13. Hapy Birthday to Kirsty - gorgeous photos!!

    Doh - I was going to go down the Neopolitan ice cream route but I just wasn't quick enough. Maybeeee I can still do it about Delilah Van Razzchoc - known to her sock buddies as Razzy?

    Worth a try......


  14. Congratulations on 150 posts. As for the young lady, I think with her beautiful eyes, she should be known as Anna Stigma.

  15. Hello and thank you for the comments on my blog. I am about to have a cuppa and a read through yours now.
    What about Horatio or Bingo? Just a thought!

  16. Happy Birthday Kirsty, I think your sock girl could be Glorious as she's a glorious riot of spottyness with a heart tattoo :-) Jane x

  17. Congratulations on your 150 posts His eyes really bget to you so myopotic, how about calling him chocolate buttons

  18. Lydia, oh Lydia. Lydia, oh Lydia. Lydia the Tatooed Lady.

    Well, that's my suggestion anyway.

    HappyBirthday Kirsty and happy 150 Gina :-)

  19. A name for you know who? Squintaloo.

    Congratulations on 150 posts! I wonder if I will ever get that far.

  20. Happy birthday to Kirsty! She looks like a beautiful girl and I am sure she loves you very much.

    A big congrats on 150 posts.

    Your new sock creature is gorgeous! Love all the suggestions for his name he hee.. Don't know why but the name Bernardo popped into my mind.

    Would love a brother for Sally and Raymond! You are very generous to do a give away.


  21. Bored of socks now - how about getting creative with big pants/thongs or boxers? (Men's apparel not snub nose boisterous canine).

    As for an name, I think she's a she, so I'm going for Coco Chocsox... (I've just chomped my way through a mini bar of Hotel Chocolat Orange and Chili which probably explains it). Love to Barley - did the candle go in with the sausage?

  22. Woo hoo! Happy 150th post, and happy birthday (belatedly) to Kirsty :o)

    Having read all the above comments, my mind is *so* blank trying to think of a name idea (shouldn't have read everyone else's suggestions before thinking of my own, should I?!)

    Erm... OK, I've got one: I propose Penny, short for Lady Penelope. And I love her tattoo, by the way :o)

  23. Oh bother, I knew we'd picked the wrong weekend to go away! Congrats on 150, Gina. That's a lot of words!


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