Sunday 28 January 2018

While I was gone...

 I hadn't planned to be away so long... I know it's only been just over a week but it feels like longer... but you know how it is... I've been busy, easily distracted, caught up with other things. So what have I been doing?

I've been researching.
For a while now I've planned to do some research on my family tree, but in the spirit of my 60 x 60 and "what am I waiting for", and spurred on by my friend Liz I've joined and I'm finding it a little compulsive. I've gone back to the early 1880s on my Mum's side of the family. The photo above is of one of my great aunts in a locket the size of a 50p piece. The photo below is of my Dad (he's the little one on the bike at the right) with his brothers and little sister. It's fascinating! Yesterday we visited a couple of Cambridgeshire churches in the hope of finding some evidence of relatives in the churchyards. We were out of luck in finding anyone but instead we did find a wonderful church inWillingham complete with the most amazing wall paintings. One thing leads to another...

I've been cooking
lots of meals from scratch using loads of vegetables, continuing to follow the advice of Dr Chatterjee. Stewart was overheard to mutter "Your Mum will have biscuits" when we were on our way to see her this weekend... he wasn't wrong. I fear my attempts at healthy eating might be failing!

I've been planning
New classes in a new venue and it feels exciting

I've been stitching
more little hoop portraits. My Marc Bolan caused some debate on Facebook... is it Brian May, is it Phil Lynott, is is Roger Daltry (someone even suggested Noel Fielding)? No... it's MARC BOLAN!!!

Bob Marley was a little more recognisable it would seem.

I've been drawing
More daily prompts on Instagram... houseplant, beins with "L", suit (Chanel and Armour), can, wheels, paint, denim, row...

I got as far as 'hug' but have fallen by the wayside over the past few days...

too busy researching all those ancestors!


  1. Good luck with your 'who do you think you are'!
    I love those bears! :)

  2. setting oneself challenges in the creative sphere is good but I believe if one deviates and is still being creative in some tangible way then hopefully the mind is at peace. More and more I think we only come this way once so why beat oneself up about not keeping to a predefined path.

  3. Oh no, it’s compulsive you know. The evening can just disappear without trace. Hope you have fun. B x

    1. I've already lost several evenings last week Barbara... which also means my resolution to stay off my laptop and devices in the evenings has rather gone to pot!

  4. You've had an exciting time Gina. I love those old photos, the stitching and the healthy eating. I have ruined mine by attending a lovely christening at the weekend with an excellent buffet! It was full of everything I have been trying to avoid recently - but I couldn't be rude and not sample it, could I?

  5. Good for you Gina, all sounds very rich and diverse. Can you see what I mean now about all nighters re ancestry?! It's very addictive and it's so difficult to tear yourself away. Commonwealth Graves Commission site (which is free to users is excellent for anyone researching family who served/died in various wars). Happy hunting and I hope there aren't too many skeletons in the cupboard Gina! Have a great week x

  6. Lovely to see what you have been enjoying doing. Your bears are adorable. Hope you have fun researching your family history.

  7. It's definitely compulsive. We started before the wealth of computer sites and spent several days in the records office in London. It was incredibly noisy! Have since realised that all frantic researchers were working for heir hunters. We go back to it periodically as more info comes online. There are still missing persons.We're blessed with several unusual surnames - it must be awful if you're a Smith or Jones. Love the bears.

  8. Great to hear about your new sewing venture, hope you get lots of excited students. I'm busy making curtains (ugh!) and roman blinds for daughters new house. She's busy with baby son Wren George who arrived 10 days ago. Regular visits there are also using up lots of my time! T x

  9. You have been busy! Bet the family history research is fascinating and I can well understand all the time being spent digging. I think that stitched portrait is a dead ringer for Jim Morrison, btw.

  10. Such wonderful work, (those stitched portraits are fantastic)! And good luck on uncovering info about your ancestors... such a cool journey to take.

  11. You've been gone a week and I've been absent for a lot longer.... but I return to see you as busy as ever! I thought the Dr Chatterjee book (yes, I've caught up with EVERYTHING) said you needed to relax but family history is nothing of the sort. I remember the excitement of doing mine years ago so know how obsessive it cam become. You feel like the world's best detective when you come across a link don't you?
    Wish I'd seen that cinema organ and watched An Affair to Remember with you. I always cry at the end when he realises she is paralysed... sob... love the drawings and those needlecases are divine. If only I could get to that venue I'd join you!


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