Tuesday 5 February 2008

Exciting things in the post!

What an exciting day for post today! My Valentine Swap parcel arrived from Sarah - with so many goodies I didn't know what to open first...

The biggest package of course... which had this beautiful button decoration on the front.

Inside was this gorgeous wallet... front view!

And back view!

And even more lovely goodies inside - a notepad, pencil, notecards and a bookmark.

The next parcel had this fabulous passport cover and a set of Sarah's handmade cards. The passport cover will be very useful later this week (more about that another time!)

A third parcel had this pretty felt heart plus a net bag with some wooden heart cutouts

Even more... this funky ice cube tray!

And last but not least a key tag and some lovely looking chocolates
which so far I've managed to resist (though not for long I fear!)

THANK YOU so much Sarah. Every little thing is very much appreciated and all will be used right down to the pink foil on the choclates and the beautiful red hand made wrapping paper. Your parcel is on its way! Of course no photos of what I've made for Sarah because that would spoil the surprise... and besides I forgot to take any before I wrapped up the parcel!

Also in the post today came this card from my friend Jude. She had written on the envelope "I saw this... and I didn't just think of you, I collapsed with hysterical laughter." I have to confess I laughed hysterically too (fortunately I was alone in the house at the time!) I fear this is meant to be me knitting socks!

And my last lovely thing in the post today (email post!) were three beautiful drawings from Lesley's daughter Minx. Lesley and Lucy have set a challenge to make something with children's drawings embroidered on them. I happened to say I would like to join in but didn't have any little children who made drawings anymore and Lesley offered to send me some from Minx. Thank you Lesley and Minx - this one is my favourite and I've already got plans for it!


  1. Wow - what a fabulous parcel you received from Sarah! I'm so glad I organised this swap - it's great to see what everyone has made and you clearly got some lovely goodies!

    Great card too and I love Minxy's drawing - she's obviously inherited Lesley's artistic talent!

    Lucy x

  2. P.S. would you be able to email me a photo with all your goodies from Sarah on it? Then I will try to do a big Valentine Swap post after everyone has received their presents!

  3. Oh wow, Gina! What fabulous goodies! And the card is great, I shall be looking out for that one at the shops.

    Many thanks for the link to my raffle too.


    ps. How could I forget Minx's drawing? It's brill! My two are too old for cute drawings now aswell, but I may have to sketch something of my own .... how sad am I?!

  4. Oh such lovely goodies, some one has been very good to you....

  5. PS Love the card and especially the picture...so sweet

  6. What a fantastic parcel.I can't wait to see what you do with Minxy' drawing.

  7. What a gorgeous fairy from the Minx! She is obviously a very talented young lady. Amazing parcel you received today too, so many lovely things!

    aren't you spoilt!!!
    lucky thing......

  9. Wow! lovely valentine swap Gina. Thankyou for your wonderful offer of a matching buttonhole, at the moment it looks as though I can't go because we've had an extra inset day at school and unusually I have to work this one, this means i've had to ask Tony to stay home with Em. So now he may not be able to have another day off quite so quickly for me to come to the show, disappointed Jane x

  10. Gosh - that is one fabulous Valentines parcel - I must get on and finish mine *blush*. That card made me laugh out loud too.

    Miss Minx is quite the artist isn't she? What a fabulous drawing.

    Can't wait to hear about your passport adventure. x

  11. Oh my word Minx will be soooo excited when I show her your blog!!! I may have to use that fairy face for a dolly very soon :)

    Your Valentine swap is gorgeous!! I may have to go back to the drawing board on mine!!



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