Monday 4 February 2008

And the winner is....

I would like to thank Kitty for the following award. I can only agree with everything she has already said about the wonderful blogging network of kind, intellegent, hilariously funny and supportive women and so like Kitty - if your name appears on my side bar consider this passed onto you! I think you are all wonderful.

Talking of wonderful kind bloggers, if you've not already done so, do go and have a look at what Monkee Maker is doing today to help raise funds for Ellenor Wiseman. There's a bit of a raffle going on with some rather super prizes.

It's been a busy weekend with two parties on Saturday. First our Mucky Book Club got together for a birthday lunch for one of our members, Christine, who recently celebrated a big birthday (lets just say I'm not the only one who is fifty now!) Fabulous food and lots of laughs but no photo because I forgot to take my camera! Then I whizzed off to my cousin's for an 80th birthday tea for my uncle Bert. Lovely to see lots of family I hadn't seen for a while... but again no photo because I forgot my camera again!

Sunday morning was spent finally getting my Cambridge Open Studio participation forms filled in and delivered. It also meant getting together images on CD to be used for publicity etc so I thought I would be very brave and share my new publicity shot with you! I'm the one in the middle.

"Cambridge Open Studios exists for the purposes of promoting the making of original works of art and craft and to provide an opportunity for the public to become involved in the arts by meeting artists in their studios, seeing their work and how it is produced." I've participated for the past three years and it has become an enjoyable highlight of my year each July - and a wonderful incentive to clean up my house knowing members of the public will be trawling through! I'll try to post a bit more about this in coming weeks, hopefully with some links to other artists.

I'm sure there was something else I had to mention.....

Oh yes... the giveaway for my 100th post birthday!

As promised all names were copied out.

Cut up and folded and put into the trusty top hat...

And the winner is...

Well done Annica, who also just happened to be the first person to have left a comment on my 100th post. I still have an address from our ATC swap Annica, but if you email me to confirm, I will get the bag in the post to you tomorrow. Sorry to the rest of you who didn't win - I would love to be able to send everyone something but don't think that would be very sensible given that I find it difficult enough to get on with boring necessary stuff as it is. Speaking of which... time to get the dinner on. Two sons have already appeared enquiring what we might be eating tonight!


  1. *Loud wolf whistle* Well look at you good-lookin'! It's lovely to put a face to the name - you are both very brave and very lovely.

    Don't you just hate that 'Oh no! I've forgotten the camera!' moment? My memory seems to have been left somewhere and I can't remember where.

    Glad you displayed the award - very well deserved.

    Take care. x

  2. Congratulations to Annica.
    There are some lovely prizes up for grabs on Monkee Makers blog and it's all for a good cause.I got my numbers this afternoon.
    Well done you ,another award under your belt.
    I saw your publicity shot this morning on your website.I think it looks great, nice shot of the dolls as well.

  3. Congratulations Annica! Great photograph of you Gina and I love the necklace. Now there will be no excuses for not being recognised in March! :) I'm off to Monkeemaker now!
    PS Thank you for visiting my blog today :))

  4. Congratulations to Annica! Another lovely photo of you Gina - when it comes to March 14th I'll be the one with the brown paper bag over my head! Lucy x

  5. Oooh! I'm the happiest, luckiest girl in the world! :-) Thank you Gina! It's such a beautiful bag!I'll e-mail my addy to you.

    Great photo! Maybe some day when I feel brave enough I'll post a pic too.

  6. Congratulations Annica!

    Luuuurvely photo Mrs Ferrari. Lucy and I might be the paper bag twins when we meet you!!!


  7. what a great promo shot. Wow, I think that means you're now famous :-)

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    Diane's Flickr photos


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