Friday, 25 March 2016

Cake Overload

I thought I'd write a blog post, but I'm so tired I can barely string two words together. I thought I'd write about books I've been reading but that requires a bit of intelligent thought... Not getting any of that around here! Instead I'll just show you the cakes I've been making over the past few days and I'll come back and write about books when I'm feeling a little more erudite. Don't hold your breath... It could be a long wait!

It started last Friday with coffee and walnut cupcakes. My Cupcake Fridays are going well and I've started to offer gluten free alternatives too.

Then on Tuesday, for our last machine embroidery class this term I made lemon cakes with mini Easter eggs. 

There have been mini Simnel cakes...

Plus a whole load more Easter cupcakes.

Then today there were some very special cakes for a baby shower... It's a girl in case you hadn't guessed.

And finally, I've just finished this special birthday cake. The brief was for an over the top chocolate cake with flowers and pink butterflies. Worried it might be a little bit too over the top but hoping it will be okay!

All that is left to make is a chocolate cake for us for Easter as there will be eleven of us here for dinner on Sunday. Was going to start it this evening but the lure of the sofa and a large G & T was just too much. Maybe the gin has something to do with my befuddled brain... ?

Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope you have a Happy Easter. Don't eat too much chocolate!


  1. Cake is always good and yours are spectacular Gina, I love those pretty little Simnel cakes.
    Have a good Easter .....I'm making no promises re the chocolate! ;)
    V x

  2. Your cakes all look so beautiful. Enjoy your G&T. It seems like you've earned it. Happy Easter :)

  3. You must be caked out!
    Happy Easter Gina.

  4. They all look so very delish. Wishing you a very happy Easter. And I intend to eat ALL the chocolate!

  5. A beautiful week's work Gina, and I hope you are not too 'caked out' to make one for yourself. Have a restful weekend - hopefully!

  6. Happy Easter Gina, you have earned that G & T by baking all those cakes.

  7. Chocolate cake would be just the right amount of chocolate for me-yum. Catriona

  8. Belated Happy Easter, all your easter bakes look amazing. Hope you are recovered from your tiredeness, baking large quantities of cakes means a lot of standing, and it can really take its toll X

  9. A wonderful post! Loved these cupcakes a lot. The chocolate cake is looking really pretty. Would love to have such yummy cake and cupcakes in my daughter’s birthday party. Right now looking for a party venue NYC too for her birthday bash.


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