Friday, 18 December 2015


Remember these snowflakes that I was making back in November?

Possibly not, but I promised you a cake free post and as there has been nothing but cakes around here for the past few weeks I'm having to go back to November to find anything vaguely non cake related! I never did manage to make fifty of the snowflakes as planned but finished thirty six in time for the Christmas tree festival in our church during the last weekend before the start of Advent.

Various individuals and village organisations took on the challenge of decorating Christmas trees to the theme of "Christmas Carols". Mine was "See Amid the Winter's Snow" hence the snowflakes... and fortunately as the tree was small there were plenty of snowflakes and I didn't need fifty.

There were nineteen trees in total so I won't show you all of them... but this was "God Rest You Merry Gentlemen" from the cricket club.

"Carol of the Bells" from the Brownies

"Away in a Manger" from the church toddler group

and "King Jesus Hath a Garden" from our drama group, which I also had a hand in making as we had a fun session one evening doing the tissue paper flowers.

Just a small selection of the many beautiful trees on display and not a cake in sight. In fact, I've not baked a single cake or mince pie today... but by this time next week I'll have made over 340 mince pies and sixty mini Christmas cakes not to mention numerous and various other baked goods. I am enjoying this new venture but thank goodness Christmas is only once a year!


  1. Your tree is beautiful Gina, love the little snowflakes.
    I took part in a Christmas tree festival a few years back in my church, they're hard work but very rewarding and it's lovely seeing how each person/group interpret their brief.
    V x

  2. It is such a lovely idea to have a Christmas tree festival. I do like your little snowflakes very much. I tried to crochet snowflakes but I don't have the patience for it. In my next life. The thought of baking 340 mince pies is rather daunting! Have a lovely weekend. x

  3. I love the pretty snowflakes. All those mince pies and Christmas cakes! You have been so busy but I am glad your new venture is going well.

  4. The trees look lovely Gina, and your crochet snowflakes are pretty.
    (But you can't eat them) xx

  5. What a brilliant idea for the trees! I haven't heard of that before, but I will store the idea away. ;-)
    I think it is exciting that your business is taking off so well. A grand time to start it. I expect it will slow considerably in January, but perhaps a time to practice a few ideas for the coming year.
    Sandy in Bracknell

  6. Those snowflakes are the perfect decoration for your tree. What a lovely idea to take the theme of carols for each one. I hope there is a little lull in which you can draw breath after Christmas, before 2016 sets of in full cry for more cake.

  7. Such beautiful trees! Happy Christmas! xx

  8. Such a good idea, the Christmas tree festival, and all the trees so very different and all delightful. Hope you managed to keep back some of those pies and cakes to enjoy with a little tot (or two) of something.

  9. Good looking tree! Well done!

  10. The tree is simply classy! I love those snowflakes but hope we don't see the real thing. Unlikely though with all this rain. I hope Santa has got his wellies ready. Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best with the new venture for next year. xx

  11. All the trees are lovely, people go to such lengths, don't they? I remember making snowflakes for our tree about forty years ago, they are still around!


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