Wednesday 19 August 2015

Chopping and Stirring

So what do you usually do three days before you go on holiday? Order your currency? Yes! Get all the washing and ironing up to date? Yes! Make chutney? No, I thought not!


I am totally useless at making chutney... I have never yet made anything worth eating. Special family recipes, fail proof recipes, the only chutney recipe you'll ever need... All wasted on me. They all taste disgusting and end up in the bin. So I'm not sure why I had the urge to make chutney this week but I did. An afternoon spent chopping...

And stirring...

Before potting and eating! And boy oh boy, sound the trumpets... this one is good! Even if I do say so myself!

 I've also been playing around with my photos as I've just opened an Instagram account. To be honest it is a bit like Twitter in that I haven't a clue what I'm doing or why I am there but you can find me at FanMyFlame should you be the least bit interested.

I'd add a link here if I could actually work out what I'm doing... But I really should be doing things like ordering currency and getting my washing and ironing done!


  1. Well hurray for chutney. I've made it a long time ago but don't usually make enough to keep just to go with whatever we are having at the time. I have also recently joined instagram so will have to try and find you later. I hope you have a good holiday providing you got all your ironing done and the currency ordered.

  2. It does look good, I bet the aroma was amazing at yours!
    I'm off to find you on IG, it's one of my favourite places!
    V x

  3. I've never been much of a chutney person until I tired a nice tomato one on a cheese sandwich last year. I suppose there is a chutney recipe to suit all of us, I'm glad you've had success this time. I hope you have a great holiday x

  4. Gina, hoping that you will have a fabulous holiday.

    Although you are correct in guessing I've never made chutney just before heading off for a holiday, I admit that I have never made chutney period. Although I do enjoy mango chutney on a turkey sandwich.

    I do, however, share your impulse to begin some sort of project when another part of my brain might be trying to remind me to start packing my suitcase. This sort of inner duel has happened more than once. Sometimes I head towards the tempting project's call, sometimes the practicality siren is stronger.

    Brains can be funny, don't you think? xp

  5. I have never made chutney but I do like to eat them, with cheese mostly. I am on Twitter but not instagram. I tweet rarely. Have a lovely holiday. x

  6. The best chutney I ever made was done in a slow cooker. It was the first thing I tried in it and cooked overnight. Yours looks wonderful and I can almost smell that lovely sweet, tangy, spicy smell.
    Have a great holiday and get on with the ironing and packing!

  7. People give me chutney but I simply never think to use it and by the time I find it again it looks too awful to consider.

    I wish you could bottle some of your energy and sell it to me!

  8. Yay for great chutney!!!!!!! Yay that you are going away too!!!!!! I hope that you have a wonderful time and do lots of relaxing and not much else! xx

  9. Your chutney looks lovely.I like the sound of Smoky tomato chutney. Hope you have a great holiday. P.S Will look for you on Instagram.

  10. Hope you and the monkey have a truly well deserved and amazing holiday. As you are taking the primate, what are you doing with Himself for the fortnight?

  11. Mmmmm, probably a bit too vegetablish for me. Have a lovely lazy holiday - eat some ice creams for me xx

  12. Mmm, I love chutney of any sort.I too make a recipe based on the one my mum used to make years ago. My dad admitted after 25 years of marriage that he didn't actually like it after eating it for that long!

  13. Have a good holiday Gina!
    Cliff makes the chutney in our household... and it's very good. Improves hugely if left to mature for a couple of months.

  14. Have a wonderful holiday! The chutney looks fab. I will look for you on Instagram, I recently opened an account there, and it is such fun. Easy to use, you quickly get the hang of it X


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