Saturday 1 August 2015


When we get asked out or go visiting, I always like to take a homemade gift if possible, usually something from my kitchen. And my gift of choice at the moment are biscotti. They are relatively simple to make, can be flavoured in all sorts of ways and somehow seem more gown up than other biscuits... probably something to do with the fact that they are better dunked in a glass of Vin Santo rather than your afternoon cuppa!
Before heading off to Great Missenden last week we were at a Sunday lunch party and so I took a batch of Fig, Apricot and Nut biscotti as featured in Isidora Popovic's book - The Popina Book of Baking. You can find the recipe here... or if you prefer gram measurements rather than cups... try here (although I converted it to 235g flour and 120g sugar)
They were good - lovely fruit and nut flavours - but I could taste the baking powder slightly, so I resolved to go back to the drawing board when I next tried them.
On returning from Great Missenden yesterday afternoon we got a phone call inviting us to a barbeque this evening so I decided to try a different recipe and adapt it with the fig and apricot flavouring. This was from one of the Great British Bake Off books (it's back this week... very excited!) and unsual for biscotti it contains butter. The Popina recipe claims to be lighter for the absence of butter but really guys, we are talking biscuits here. And from where I'm standing biscuits and cakes do not really fall into the healthy eating category. So as long as they remain an occasional treat they might as well have have butter, sugar and all the other stuff we are routinely told we shouldn't be eating!
It was my plan to share the adapted recipe to with you here... but it wasn't that straightforward. The dough was very sticky... more like a cake batter. There was no way I was going to be able to roll it out into log shapes. So I added more flour until it became a soft but manageable dough.

It was baked for 30 minutes, before removing from the oven, slicing and then going back in for another 10 minutes... hence the name biscotti, meaning twice cooked.
This time there was no baking soda aftertaste, but I fear they are a little on the dry side so I may have added too much extra flour so until I've sorted it out I won't be sharing the recipe!
But when they are dipped in Vin Santo I'm sure no-one will notice!
Now if you excuse me I'm off to put some jumpers in a bag ready for this barbeque... our British summer weather isn't overly warm today. But at least it is dry!


  1. You will always be invited back if you take such lovely homemade gifts. The biscotti look good - I love recipes where you can easily alter the flavouring by including different fruit, nuts, etc. Hope the evening isn't too nippy to spoil the barbecue.

  2. I'll have to invite you over! Actually, you are welcome for dinner anytime - just remember to bring it with you xx

  3. Don't panic, they have decided that animal fats are not that bad after all and better than oils for cooking with :)

  4. Hi Gina, Your biscotti look amazing! Hope the evening wasn't too chilly for your barbecue. Barbara xx

  5. I have a brilliant biscotti recipe using chocolate bits, the only one my husband will eat. Want the recipe?

  6. They look great, I look forward to the recipe!
    V x

  7. Consider yourself on permanent invitation !

  8. Biscotti are my favourite biscuits. Ever. I always make them for camping. The kids are not keen, which leaves more for me. My recipe is from Leigh's baking bible, it is also very sticky. I flour my hands before shaping the dough, this helps a little but not much. Looking forward to your recipe. x

  9. Yum - they look delicious!

  10. Gina, so far I have never baked biscotti myself, although I do like them very much. I'm very fortunate to have a friend who often brings me some delicious home made biscotti...every time they are a slightly different version. All yummy.

    I will watch out for your next recipe. (Have to admit it's still far too hot here to consider preheating the oven for any baking...but autumn's getting closer....


  11. I completely agree about the butter and sugar Gina -- only my treats aren't occasional -- they're frequent. I figure I'll just die young and save myself the cruelties of old age LOL! Your biscotti looks wonderful -- dry or not!

  12. Bravo on the biscotti Gina they look tasty to me. I've not attempted them yet, and well done for reassessing the recipe.........I think I give up too easily when it comes to baking. Looking forward to bake off as well.


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