Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Missenden sandwich!

I was quite convinced on June 1st when I'd written my last blog post that this was it... a return to regular blogging for the month of June. I had various ideas floating around of riveting topics that would keep you fascinated and entertained. But alas, eight days later and all the floaty ideas have remained just that and not an single entertaining thought has entered my head. I still have my muddle brain!
To be fair, at the moment I am sandwiched between two City and Guilds teaching weekends at Missenden Abbey which are always pretty frantic and rule out almost anything much else. Days are spent writing lists, preparing and packing, followed by unpacking and then more preparing and packing. These are the final weekends of the current academic year and we always have exhibitions of the students' work at Missenden. Last weekend was the turn of my first years and here you can see much of their design work on colour.
A few members of the class have also finished their first assessment project which is a wall hanging and as ever I am amazed at the variety and ingenuity, especially when you consider some of these students were beginners in machine embroidery at the start of the course.
Penny's beautiful tree showing the root system and rock strata below ground

Judith's striking map like hanging based on her daily walks and inspired by the work of Alicia Merret.

Chris's town scene... deceptively simple yet very effective.

A beautiful five part hanging based on the beach from Judy

And glorious colours based on Northern Lights from Diane.
And this coming weekend there will be more wonderful things on display from my second year students who are finishing their course... Saturday from 11am until 4 pm if you are in the area! Just to complicate matters, not only am I at Missenden this weekend teaching but I'm also taking a few hours off to head into London on Saturday afternoon and evening for  my stepson James and his wife Lizzie's wedding celebrations. Although they had a quiet and private ceremony in Venice in February, on Saturday we are having the full works with all the family at Imperial College where they were both students. I had my nails done today as I thought my usual look of nails and fingers stained with dye and paint probably wouldn't look so good with my new frock!
So if you come back next week there could be lots more photos of wonderful machine embroidery... and possibly a wedding pic or two as well!
All the other fascinating stuff will just have to wait!


  1. It sounds like you're madly busy as always, Gina and I'm amazed you ever find time to blog! Your students' work is so lovely to see and I do enjoy seeing everyone's individual style.

    I hope you have a great weekend at the wedding celebrations, you're going to look very glam with those nails :)


  2. are the 'pebbles on the beach' done in felt?
    That really captures me!

  3. Bit busy then! Have a fantastic time on Saturday - no playing with paint until Sunday!

  4. What wonderful pieces the students have produced!!! They are a very talented group! Who of course have obviously been very well taught! xx

  5. Oh my, what a schedule, you hardly ever slow down.

    Congratulations to the newly-weds, I think you might have a wonderful time.

  6. Gina, your week and weekend seem as fully active as ever.

    How fortunate your students are to have your inspiration granted to them. Penny's embroidery reminds me of some lovely vintage Wills's cigarette cards I bought at Portobello decades ago. Each card features a marvelous design based on a particular tree, showing the roots, the flower and the resulting fruit or nut. Of course, the cards' artists remain anonymous.

    Best wishes to the newly weds on the upcoming additional celebration of their marriage. May the weather be favorable! Your manicure is lovely. xo

  7. What wonderful work your students have produced - the result of having such a great teacher I am sure. Have a wonderful time at the wedding - please publish some photos of the wedding as well as your next lot of students work. Cheers

  8. Wonderful work from your students.

  9. Always amazing to see the diverse work a group will produce. Sounds like you are amazingly busy and productive. Your manicure will make you feel so polished for the wedding celebrations! Look forward to the wedding pic's X

  10. Your students have produced some wonderful work. It must be very satisfying for you to watch them develop their skills. Lovely nails by the way! Have a great time at the wedding celebrations.

  11. I'm surprised you find time to blog at all with everything that is going on. Your students' work is wonderful and so individual. Looking forward to the next batch. Enjoy the wedding celebrations - I can't keep nail polish on for more than a day.

  12. Your students work is as always amazing...they must have a good teacher! :)
    Enjoy the wedding!
    V x

  13. Lovely work from your students, I especially like the tree. Have a fab day at the wedding x

  14. Lovely work from everyone on your course Gina. You must be proud of them all! Love the nails too - very chic - and so much more style than using Procion..... Hope the wedding festivities night went well. As I am playing catch up it will be a distant memory for you by the time you read this and I might just be early enough for the next post. I'll try to keep up.....


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