Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Rollercoaster!

Where do I start... do I do a blog post about the final Missenden weekend for my students? Or should I tell you all about the wonderful wedding celebrations first? Or perhaps I should combine both in one long wonderful post because it has certainly been one long wonderful weekend with a rollercoaster of emotions.
It started Friday afternoon on arriving at Missenden Abbey. I always try to fit in a walk before heading to the classroom for the evening and as it was our last weekend together after two fabulous years, a few of my students decided to join me. No sooner had we gathered to set off, the rain started! We weren't to be deterred and eventually the rain stopped, our jackets came off and we posed for photos... just to show what a great time we were having despite our very soggy feet!

Friday evening and Saturday morning were a flurry of activity of setting up exhibitions, meeting with the external verifier, signing off work and greeting visitors. Then at lunchtime on Saturday I did I bit of a Cinderella impersonation with a quick change into my posh frock before heading off to London... no pumpkin carriage  just the Bakerloo and Picadilly lines, but I did bump into my Prince Charming when I got to South Kensington!
And these four young men... All four sons in suits must be a first!
It was a wonderful afternoon and evening celebrating the wedding of James and Lizzie. Lots of friends, family, laughter, good food, great speeches and a glass of wine or two!
But just like Cinderella I left before the witching hour... or at least before the last train back to Great Missenden where perhaps I should show you the final exhibitions of my lovely year two students who passed their City & Guilds level 3 with flying colours!

A striking display from Jane
Terrific work from Anne... the wall hanging is inspired by the buildings of Dubai

Lovely colour co-ordinated display from Wendy.
Beautiful work from Ann
Really fabulous work from Tracey who has come so far in the work she has produced over the past couple of years.
Wonderful work from Linda who has also made amazing progress from starting as a beginner in machine embroidery.

Stunning work from Mara... more on that in a minute...

And last but not least an amazing display from Scilla.
And if all that wasn't enough I also had the news that one of my students, Mara had been nominated for a City & Guilds medal of excellence.

Each and every student has produced several pieces of work that might be considered for medals of excellence but every single piece of Mara's work has been of an exceptional standard and her accompanying written work also reflects that excellence with everything beautifully and clearly presented. There is still much hard work ahead, mostly for Mara, who will now have to put together a presentation for City and Guilds... but very exciting times too!
And now after a weekend of rollercoaster emotions of ever increasing highs, I'm winding down with a glass of rather good whisky and a slice of birthday cake... because today also happens to be Joe's 26th birthday (Third photo down, second son on the left!)
So... happy birthday Joe, well done C & G students... especially Mara and huge congratulations to James and Lizzie, wishing you a very happy life together.


  1. Phew I'm exhausted Gina and I've just read about it!!
    Firstly congrats to the bride and groom and how proud must you be of those four handsome lads! (Happy birthday Joe).
    Secondly congrats to all your students, especially Mara, brilliant work!
    Quiet week this week??
    V x

  2. That was a jam AND cream packd weekend!

    No wonder you didn't notice the rain ... you look fab in that frock!


  3. My goodness - I could do with some of your stamina! Hope you got a chance to put your feet up after all that, though you must still be on a high. What wonderful achievements by your students, especially Mara, and don't your menfolk look good in the kilt?

  4. It looks like a wonderful weekend, busy but happy! Your students are very talented indeed. Have a lovely (hopefully quiet) week. xx

  5. What a lovely happy weekend Gina. The C&G work is stunning. Congratulations to everyone.

  6. Happy Birthday and Congratulations all round!!!! What a lot of great things happening right now!! xx

  7. Wow Gina -- sounds like you had a jam-packed weekend. Congratulations to all of your students -- it must be so fun for you to see how they've progressed. And how wonderful to see your boys all dressed up and together -- Well Done Mum!!!

  8. Goodness me Gina, what a fabulous weekend. I hope you get a good rest after all that. The work of your students is indeed fantastic.

  9. What a weekend, you must be so proud of your students, and your sons. Good wishes to the happy couple.

  10. What a great weekend. Congratulations to all ...and fab frock :)

  11. Gina, it's hard to know where to begin in my comments, so I will first say I do like your Cinderella theme, and agree that you've a fine Prince Charming. I love the double portrait of you two.

    Next, you made me laugh with your noting the rare sighting of your four handsome suits.

    Let me send lots of good wishes to the newly wedded couple who look so happy in that photograph. Lizzie's dress is beautiful.

    And your students have surely had a fine influence from you, and learned so very much about color, textiles, and embroidery. Bravo to all, with a special nod to Mara, as she continues her studies and creativity.

    And the cake...well, you know. I do love your baking and this example must have been amazing. Happy Birthday wishes to Joe.

    And happy weekend wishes to you! xo

  12. Are you back to earth yet? Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

    What fine young men you have; congratulations to the bride and groom.

    And what about your students? Aren't they amazing? You obviously manage to encourage them to great heights.

  13. Happy happy blog post!

    Many congratulations to all your students for their amazing work, to the bride and groom (and I wish them a very happy life together) and, of course, happy birthday wishes to Joe!


  14. What a week! no wonder you need a whisky! Lovely photo's of Prince Charming and you, your dress is very pretty. Lovely pic of your sons! I find it hard to get both of mine in a photo together, one to treasure for you, especially with them all looking so smart! And many congratulations, not only to your students, but also to you, for all the hard work you must have put in to teaching and encouraging them X

  15. What a great weekend and so full of great things. You do scrub up well and I bet you enjoyed having all four sons together. If it's anything like our house that is a rare occasion these days. Your students certainly did you proud such wonderful work.

  16. Want a jam packed, fun filled weekend. The work from your students is wonderful, as is your dress!

  17. Congratulations to EVERYONE! What an incredible weekend. What next?!

  18. So many, many reasons for you to be proud Gina - gifted and inspirational tutor, wonderful caring Mum and cake baker par excellence! Well done x
    (Who says I can't do 'nice'!)

  19. That cake looks lovely!
    It sounds like a wonderful week - and congratulations on the successes of all your students.

  20. That cake looks yummy! Happy Birthday to Joe. And well done to all your C&G students :)


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