Friday, 19 December 2014

Day Nineteen :: Socks

Today I had to take my Mum to hospital for an out patient procedure that meant she couldn't drive herself. Which meant I had time to do very little else other than sit with my knitting watching people come and go...

So much time in fact I finished this Christmas present while I was waiting...

So that means there will be two pairs of socks in someone's stocking this year instead of the more usual one finished sock and another on the needles.

Or if you look at it another way...

Four pairs of socks for the price of two!

Mum is back home and absolutely fine. And I'm back home thinking perhaps it would be a good idea to start wrapping some of these presents... Or possibly starting a Christmas cake. On the other hand... It is almost wine o'clock. Have a lovely weekend and I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. love the sock patterns Gina. glad to hear your mum's okay x

  2. Glad your Mum is OK and I love those socks.

  3. Well Gina, I've never managed to finish a pair of socks!

  4. I love your Christmas countdown - much more fun than an advent calendar! Thank you for making the time in your ever-busy schedule (and I don't have a sweet tooth but those cakes look so good I might be tempted to get the apron on myself!)
    PS I do hope your men pitch in and let you have a bit of a rest on Christmas Day - you certainly deserve it!


  5. Ooh, wine o'clock! We have G&T o'clock here too. Love the odd sock combo.

  6. Love the colours, that was a good opportunity to finish them! Lucky recipients!

  7. Gina, whoever it is that will be receiving those socks is very, very lucky. Must have also been good and got gold stars on Santa's list.

    (If you do find time, please do email me with which yarns you've used. I am always on the lookout for new sock yarn options.)

    This particular Friday has been a busy one for me. Painted more cards, did the usual errands, grocery shopping, and began assembling the Holiday gifts for the staff of my apartment building. The recent Christmas cookie baking features in this assembling.

    Back to work for me tomorrow and Sunday. Am I right in my notion that daylight will have begun growing longer by then?

    Gina, I wish that I had your energy. xo

  8. Gosh you are industrious !!!

    I love self-striping sock yarn, it's such fun to see the patterns happen. I wonder who will receive those those socks?

  9. Oh, well done you for making the most of the waiting. I'd have been too busy people watching and earwigging!

  10. I'm glad that all was well for your Mum and that you could use the time for the sock knitting! They look great and very cosy and snuggly!! xx

  11. I am glad that your Mum is back home, I hope she continues to be well.

    I am knitting another pair of socks but no matter what yarn I buy, I never get a satisfactory random pattern as you do!

  12. Fab socks and I'm glad your Mum's all right. x

  13. Gorgeous socks and great to hear that your Mum is OK.


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