Thursday 11 December 2014

Day Eleven :: Sitting down

My day started with an hour of sewing before breakfast. Plenty of time, I thought, to construct and finish a bag! This has been a very special commission as a birthday present for a lady about to celebrate her 100th birthday. A lady of great style obviously!

Three hours later it was almost done... But not quite.

But it had to be put aside as we had a funeral to go to. A wonderful man from our village died suddenly a week ago. Well loved and well respected he was a real village character who will be missed. The church was packed. We were at his eightieth birthday party just six months ago, but he was active and busy until the day he died. Very sad but the way to go really, I suppose. Better than being ill or suffering.

It was then back home to pack up the car for the school Christmas market. Despite dropping the price to £5 I only sold one cat... And not much else. Just about covered the £10 for the stall. Wouldn't be so bad if it hadn't been for the woman who picked up and examined each cat and when her daughter asked if she could have one she replied "No, if we drag out the old sewing machine and get it working we can make one ourselves. And our machine does embroidery." I just smiled... Through gritted teeth!

And now I'm finally sitting down with a cuppa and I should be doing my Italian homework not blogging, as it's our last evening class of term. I always do my homework the afternoon of class... Just like when I was at school really! 


  1. What a shame your cats didn't sell - don't you just love customers like that woman! Hope you got your homework done, you bad girl!! I love the bag.

  2. So sad about about your friend, I remember you telling us about the birthday party!

    As for craft fairs, that is why I don't do them anymore!!

    V x

  3. That was a very disheartening comment wasn't it? I bet her version will look rubbish compared to yours.

    That bag is stunning.

  4. So sorry to hear about your friend, as you say though, the best way to go by the sounds of it. Your bag looks lovely, but I was sad to hear about the cats. I get so cross when I hear people say they could make things more cheaply and don't buy them. Yes, perhaps if they are an ace crafter and have all to the stuff to make it already and they actually do get on and make it, but really, how many people can do it and actually do do it!! Grrrr!!! I am cross on your behalf!!!! xx

  5. Hi Gina! This bag is great!
    Try not to let what those people said affect you more than it should. I know it is easier said but done though ...
    Take care and keep creating beautiful things with love, passion and care as always.
    Arlette@Thammie TheDollMaker

  6. Will you be putting any cats in your etsy shop? I know someone who would like one.

  7. I am very sorry about the loss of the gentleman in your village. Lovely that he lived a full life to the end.

    Another beautiful bag, I still havn't made mine yet!

  8. Sorry about the kitties. And sorry about your friend. Having had a few rough years watching parents age, I think you're right about the best way to go. We cherish every moment we have, but it's sure hard to watch them unable to do so many things anymore. Anyway ... have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I only ever pick my guitar up to practise about an hour before my tutor arrives!
    Sorry about the craft fair - every time I've done one I say 'Never again' xx

  10. It's good that so many people came to gives thanks for a long and generous life.
    Feel annoyed for you that all that work wasn't appreciated - let them go and try to make their own, they might realise how much effort it takes! Or they may without question buy a £95 penguin from a certain large store.
    People really don't think through the cost of things, or that cheapness usually means despicable work practices - someone is losing out.
    Rant over.
    Merry Christmas :-) xx

  11. Trying to keep up with your daily posts and failing badly, so just making a comment here and there when something piques me... or irks me, like that woman. Even if she thought it, fancy having the bad manners to say it in front of you. For £5 I'd have said 'bargain'. Why make hassle for yourself in making one for such a small amount, but I think we've had that conversation about craft fairs and profit before Gina, have we not? My only other comment is ITALIAN!!!! When did that happen? I must have missed you saying you were doing that. Good on you.


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