Thursday 31 July 2014

Busy, Busy

This is where I have been since Sunday....
Working at the beautiful Missenden Abbey

where I have been teaching a level 1 City and Guilds in Machine embroidery.

Nine ladies, all complete beginners and in four days this is just a small selection of the design and embroidery work they have achieved.

Amazing work!

We've still got one more day to go, for them to finish off work and for me to sign off their paper work...

and then they will all be walking away with their Level 1 award.

A fantastic achievement by each and every one of them. They have had to work so hard.

It has been a brilliant week but I am totally exhausted.

I'd like to tell you I'm relaxing over the weekend but I'll be in David's bookshop cafe in Letchworth on Saturday with other members of our Embroiderer's Guild where we will be stitching, handing out kits to make these flower brooches, drinking tea and no doubt eating cake.... all in aid of the National Celebration of Stitch day.  Do come and support us if you are local. We'd love to attract more members... and if I'm honest, a few younger members!
And on Sunday... I'll be doing b****r all!


  1. Looking forward to Saturday, just trying to decide which of my ridiculous frocks to wear xx

  2. Wonderful work by your ladies, and so varied. I always think that is the sign of a good tutor.
    Hopefully Saturday will permit a little relaxation and enjoy Sunday!

  3. Roll on Sunday then! ;-)

    No, I'm only joking. I am amazed by the beauty of your students' work. Such fabulous colours. And Letchworth? My father, now 91, was born and raised there!

    Happy August to you.


  4. Haha have a great Sunday then Gina! ;)
    Brilliant work in an amazing setting!
    V x

  5. Yay for Sunday? It looks like you've been busy -- such fun and inspiration -- they're lucky to have you as their instructor. Have fun on Saturday!

  6. wow, that is amazing work after such a short time, they obviously had a good teacher x

  7. Very impressive work! Hope all goes well today and you have a super-relaxing Sunday! x

  8. Obviously a fruitful week, well done to all, relax on Sunday!!!

  9. Gina, as I type this comment, it's already Sunday over in your area, and so I send you wishes for a wonderfully relaxing day.

    I loved seeing the creations of your students, and compliment you on your guiding them to lots of new skills, while encouraging them to hold on to their individiual creativity. Bravo!

    The idea of there being a National Celebration of Stitch day is superb. No chance of that happening over here.


  10. Your students have produced some amazing work!! You must be very proud of them. It must be because they have such a great teacher!!! I hope that you are having a great day doing nothing! xx

  11. Such a lovely setting and such wonderful work from your students. Hope the batteries have been recharged today!

  12. And, is that what you did on Sunday?


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