Thursday 17 May 2012


Although it is wonderful to have another project to look forward to (and thank you so much everyone who has either given or sent me embroidered linens... it has made the job so much easier) but there are still a fair number of books to be made first. It was inevitable that some would be for special occasions such as significant birthdays.

There are a couple that are for fabulous fifty year olds.

Blizzard books, silk covered boxes, embroidery, ribbon and lace.

and another for a sensational sixty year old...

with more silks and ribbons and lace.

But I've only been asked to make one book to celebrate a wedding, although it my be my new favourite so far.

A lace covered folding book with pockets to hold little tags with
 "Old, New, Borrowed and Blue" encased in a lace covered matchbox with its own bouquet of flowers.

And should you by any chance want to own one of these little books of your own there is just one more in the etsy shop


  1. That makes it a bit real now ......60! How did that happen? LOL I've never been sensational before VBG The wedding book is delightful and I know Laura will love it. Thank you so much for both books, Gina. xx

  2. More wonderful books - they really are stunning and will be such a lovely surprise for their recipients. I love the Jubilee ones too.

  3. and a silver six pence in your shoe.... love your wedding book :-)

  4. The wedding book is particularly lovely - I am stunned you're still coming up with original designs!

  5. Brilliant books.The weeding one is probably my favourite too, it's just so cute and lovely.

  6. Absolutely stunning Gina!

  7. More wonderful books - the recipients will be so pleased. Just read previous post too - really sorry but my old linens are destined for other things. I'm sure you'll get plenty though xx

  8. More lovely books Gina and a reminder to me to finish my own Diamond Jubilee book! I think wedding books are a fabulous idea too. Lucky recipients.

  9. I'm loving my Jubilee book Gina. Thank you for a lovely piece to add to my little collection of memorabilia for this special year.
    The Ballgowns Exhibition is next on my list of visits.


  10. The books are so amazing! Such a great way to raise money and give so much pleasure back to the person donating. I can't wait to get my book (no pressure for a completion date).

  11. Lovely books Gina; are you 'booked' out???


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