Monday 27 February 2012

A Miniature Library

It's all quite clear now... the cruddy eye, feeing frazzled after young embroiderers... add to that feeling shivery cold, aches and pains, cough and sore throat that I woke up with yesterday... it would seem someone has passed on something I'd rather not have. I'm dosing myself up with regular hot lemon and manuka honey and I'm staying in and staying warm... which at least means there is lots of progress on the matchbox books.

Most of those I've been working on have been special orders... some more challenging than others. A "Jackdaw" theme was definitely one of the more challenging ones, but I have made a little book based on the Aesop fable of the Vain Jackdaw

The book has a wrapped cover embroidered with a Jackdaw and tied with a silk ribbon.

And inside there is the fold out story of the Vain Jackdaw.

I also received a request for another Japanese book. It's my aim to make each book different and unique so I didn't want to make a copy of the first Japanese book, so it is similar but with different papers and the matchbox is covered with Japanese fabric.

This next book is the first one of a series of three that I've been asked to make for Easter. My brief was spring flowers but no bunnies or chicks!

So another little wrap around cover with embroidered daisies and leaf shaped beads.

Encased in a daisy covered box trimmed with silk ribbons and a cheerful yellow button.

And finally... one more for the shop...

This is the "Toys and Teddy" edition

Inside the box which is decorated with images of toys and trimmed with spotty ribbon and teddy button...

There is a very tiny but fully working Jacob's ladder book.

which I have to confess... I'm loath to part with!

It's in my shop * now... if you hurry!
* sold already but there will be another one soon!


  1. It's been so fun to watch as you make all of these little matchboxes Gina. I Love the ones with the touches of embroidery!

  2. Sorry you have been got at by the lurgy - I'm just getting rid of mine. Get well soon.
    The latest little books are exquisite and I think I shall have to order one as they get snapped up so quickly.

  3. Lovely work. :)
    Hope you feel better soon!!
    V x

  4. your imagination knows no bounds Gina. you always manage to come up with different and interesting ideas. hope your lurgy goes soon!!

  5. I was on tenterhooks to see what you did with the jackdaw theme, and it couldn't be better - can't wait to see it for real - thank you so much! And especially so for finishing it despite your rotten cold - hope you are feeling better soon x

  6. Poor you, I hope you shake off the germs quickly.

    Your little matchbox books are wonderful - they're all gorgeous but if I HAD to pick a favourite (which I know I don't!), it would be the Spring daisies. That's so beautiful.

  7. Poor you, you are getting everything thrown at you right now, get well soon.

    Love the Jackdaw box, it is inspired.

  8. Your little books are amazing! i hope you feel much better soon x

  9. Sorry to hear you've succumbed Gina. Hope you feel better soon. I am amazed at the number of books and the quality of them that you are achieving. Do you sleep at all? ;-)

  10. Oh dear, just what you don't need. Sorry to hear you're under the weather, and I hope it starts to recede soon. X

  11. Dear Gina,
    I just popped over to say hello. So sorry you are sick! But you've managed to create some real beauties here nonetheless. Feel better soon.

  12. Sorry you feel rough - but not as sorry as I'll be if I get it! I see it hasn't slowed your output though - so many beautiful little books x

    (by the way, if I can't read the verification words - does that mean I AM a robot?)

  13. Gina, I do hope that you are feeling much, much better soon. Meanwhile...what you are creating is quite beautiful, but please do not overdo it. xo

  14. Hope you feel better soon. Your little books are so beautiful. Are you near your target yet?


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