Tuesday 21 February 2012

Fairy Wishes

Just popping by very quickly to let you know that book no. 7 is in my shop now.

This is the "Fairy Wishes" edition

A little matchbox decorated with fairies

And a tiny stitched book with a little hard cover and beaded spine.

Decorated with fairy dust and perfect for writing in those fairy wishes.

Must run... I've got a train to catch.
I'm off to see the David Hockney exhibition.


  1. Dammit, I missed it! Grr...

  2. Enjoy it - it's absolutely brilliant. I went last week and am all ready to move to Yorkshire now :-) I think his love of the countryside shines from every work.

  3. Hope you caught your train, and enjoyed the exhibition.
    This little fairy book is such fun.

  4. And it's sold already!

    I hope you enjoy the David Hockney exhibition, I went last week when it was too busy (school hols), I'll be going back!

  5. sorry everyone but I just had to have it - and I LOVE IT!!!


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