Thursday, 26 May 2011

That Was The Week That Was

As well as a birthday this week - the first in a run of five family birthdays in the next six weeks - you didn't really believe me when I said there would be less cake, did you?... I digress... as well as a birthday there has been lots happening this past week. It started with my talk to the W.I. which I think went well (measured by the fact that everyone stayed awake!). Then it was up to Art and Stitch on Saturday for a workshop using sheer fabrics.

It was only a small (but very select) group and they achieved some lovely results making a little shimmery bag plus some sheer flowers. Delyth's above and Paula's below. Paula used table confetti instead of sequins with excellent results.

Sally's work in the photo above and Linda's below...

And last but not least... this pretty pink and purple creation was made by Val... yes, I had Dotty Cookie in my class... how lovely was that!

Whilst discussing various uses for the technique, Angela suggested it might make a good ring cushion. As it happens, Pam, who works in the shop has a daughter who is getting married this summer and before I quite knew what had happened I had offered to make a ring cushion. In the blink of an eye I was presented with fabric, sequins and thread....

A chance to use some very teeny weeny sequins... and hey presto... a ring cushion...

I'm not very familiar with ring cushions but I assumed a ribbon would be useful for holding the ring in place.

Hope you like it Pam!

Sunday was setting up the Prism exhibition in London and then on Monday I was back with the ladies of 4S to finish off their dolls. There was much gnashing of teeth and bad language as they tried to turn the fingers but everyone ended up with a pair of hands and several limbs but no-one (including me) actually finished putting their dolls together, although you can see what they did on the 4S blog. I've been working on mine this week, using some of the sheer flowers as decoration. I can't show you the whole doll she is legless...

Tuesday I was back in London to steward all day at PRISM. It is a fabulous show with some really amazing work and worth a visit... the Mall Galleries every day until Saturday... when I will be back stewarding again. Maybe see you there?


  1. Well, what an honour to be part of s select group ;-)

    I had a blast - one of these days I'll get round to posting about it and recommend everyone else goes to the next one.

    Your ring cushion turned out beautifully, and I love the tiny flowers on your newest lady - very sassy!

  2. I love the ring cushion. It is perfect. I'm sure it will be treasured forever. x

  3. Those little bags are exquisite as is the ring cushion. Your doll is gorgeous and has a figure similar to Dolly Parton! When do you sleep?!

  4. what a gorgeous selection of work Gina. you'll be asked to go into business making ring cushions next. love the suggestion of personality that comes out of the dolls

  5. Love the busty doll, looking forward to seeing the rest of her.

  6. I love the little bags you've been making....what fun. You certainly keep yourself busy!I don't think I could cope with another trip to Londo to visit the show but it sounds wonderful. M x

  7. oh gina
    you certainly do produce some fabulous work. i will need to come of your workshops although i will be all fingers and thumbs in your presence. i think the doll is amazing and the ring pillow is gorgeous.
    you also have some energy!
    have a great weekend

  8. Absolutely lovely things being produced all round. Loving that doll more and more we see her...

  9. Such beautiful pieces. The ring cushion is just fab!

  10. Oh Gina the biggest thank you ever - the ring cushion is gorgeous and she will treasure that.
    Didn't they all do well their bags are great- love the new doll. Oh I made cookies and they were scrummy thanks for the recipe.

  11. The ring cushion is beautiful as is the doll. The more I see your dolls the more I am tempted to make one. I love her dress and the flowers.We will have to get a date in the diary.

  12. That was a busy week!!
    Those little bags are so pretty as is the ring cushion.
    Your new lady is great, looking forward to seeing all of her when she's not so legless.

  13. Beautiful images from everyone Gina. The ring cushion is a treat. A stunning colour. Lesley

  14. I am honoured - you have clearly modelled your beautiful doll's figure on my own!
    Love the little bags, (esp the colours of Paula's - and the ring cushion x

  15. Beautiful beautiful shiny sheer bags. So delicate. I love each and every one and the ring cushion is wonderful. I made one for my own wedding. They are a beautiful keepsake. Happy weekend dear Gina x

  16. I love the bags and the ring cushion - so simple and delicate but utterly beautiful - what a useful technique! I thoroughly enjoyed PRISM on Thursday and spent hours there - and I finally liberated one of the button babes after ages choosing between them! Thank you!

  17. Another busy week for you! The bags are pretty and the doll full of personality - I bet she will have great legs!!Like you a ring cushion is new to me; I'm sure they would sell - maybe a jeweller's shop would buy some?

  18. The ring cushion is a gorgeous colour. The doll is excellent! YOu must have spent hours and hours working on her.


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