Thursday 27 May 2010


"...At what might be the most general level of all, art history has consistently sited visual meaning in the fully abstract, derealised domains of optics and of signs and the salient historical context of this meaning in the domain of articulated, rationally managed disputes about ideas of institutional policies and in wider social affairs."

For two days I've had my head buried in text books, absorbing theories about gender and the body in art, trying to establish what I think about it all.

For two days I've jotted down notes and looked things up.

For two days I've felt quite pleased with myself, feeling on top of all the reading and research. And then I got to the sentence above. I've read it and re-read it so many times I've lost count but do you know what... I haven't a clue what it means!

So, I've given up and taken a wander around the garden instead and have come back with some goodies... my first radish this year and some freshly laid eggs. And so I think I'm going to leave the books for today and take refuge in my kitchen.

And as for the quotation above... answers on a postcard will be much appreciated!


  1. Never mind the meaning, let this be a lesson to anyone who embarks on a degree course. And should it be sited or cited? I can't tell from the sheer number of fancy words... Anyway it's definitely drink related as it mentions optics - so you'll be fine.

  2. Jeepers .... I am off ....! That sounds as brain frying as my essay question that I have kind of battled through this week!!! Best of luck with working it out.

  3. Putting my hands on my hips, rolling my eyes upwards and saying: "Don't you know ANYTHING... "


    (Only joking, as I haven't a clue what it means, but I liked the first comment re optics!)

    Good luck with it!

  4. It means, y'know, it means like stuff what art critics bull**** about, dunnit!?!

    More importantly those eggs and radishes are simply perfect.


  5. ultimately - it means - nothing.

  6. It means - that's why I did a Physics degree!

  7. Jude? 'Cited'= quoting.'Sited' = situated.

    I have no clue as to the meaning behind that verbiage and my degree WAS in waffle!

  8. Hmmmm, nice radishes! (that's about as intelligent as I can manage I'm afraid)

  9. Well I'm just impressed that you read that load of um - words - more than once! I would have gone for a walk round the garden after the first reading!

  10. I got half way through the first sentence and got lost. Oh, sorry, there only was one sentence! Haven't a clue! ;o)) Radishes and eggs are far more sensible. I think you need a day away from the books lol

  11. i have read that several times now and am still none the wiser!!!!

  12. Simply rubbish.

    Your lovely image of homegrown eggs and radishes is far more valuable, in my opinion.

  13. Hi Gina.. it's a pompous way of saying that art history gives pictorial meaning to abstract things and
    that these abstract things are discussed rationally and within the context of institutional art and social and historical context.

    I have toyed with growing radishes and letting them go to seed as the pods on Alys Fowlers Edible garden looked delish! Havent quite got round to it but HAVE got some dwarf beans called "Ferrarri" some seeds of which will wing their way to you as soon as I can get my act together!! Just because!

    I would love to claim credit for the above, but I got it from my friend who is doing an Art History degree ;)


  14. I would never describe a kitchen as some where to take refuge :-)
    I had a wonder in the garden this evening checked on the quail and found 1 egg. I think it takes 4 quails eggs to make 1 chicken egg uhmm.
    As for that sentence all I can say is have another drink!
    I'm having enough trouble with poppies.

  15. I know what I'd translate that sentence as - but I'm not sure that it would be a suitable comment for general consumption!
    Have another slice of cake and forget about it!

  16. It means that someone somewhere who knows a lot of art edu-speak is getting paid to write complete c*** so that people who would like to be considered part of the 'art world' but don't have the time or inclination or talent to actually produce work can sooth their egos by pretending they know more than the rest of us... but fortunately we can see that the emperor isn't wearing new clothes and we do have the time, talent and inclination to actually produce something of worth. So have another slice of cake and enjoy being part of the real world!

  17. Well I adore radishes especially home grown ones - and fresh eggs what more could one want!! The quote well I guess the person who wrote it knew what they meant so thats enough for me!!!.

  18. I keep coming up against such 'verbage' in my masters course. It is an example of people with no confidence trying to make you feel small (and themselves feel important) by confusing the heck out of you with big words!

    lovely eggs (now that is probably the only time I shall say THAT sentence this week!!)

  19. Derealised domains... I think those are the domains that we realised then we unrealised without realising that we were unrealising.

  20. Hmmm, definitely a bit Delphic! But, of course, I love the eggs and radishes!

  21. I may or may not be able to help you with that sentence you were trying to absorb....The author was in fact very, very, very drunk whilst penning it, in the pub. You can tell this by the mention of 'optics',now I know what they are, dispensers for alcohol and the like! LOL! Just a bit of fun! I really haven't got a clue either!
    Have a great time.

    Sandie xx

  22. As was once said to me "pretentious piffle presents plonkers with the perfect potential to pontificate precociously" - I think this makes more sense than yuor posted sentence!

    Hope to get to the Mall Gallereis next week.

  23. Yikes! I have an advanced degree in art history and that makes no sense to me. That author needs a good editor!

    K x


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