Tuesday 22 December 2009


Thank you kind and lovely blogging friends for all you good wishes. My eye is much better with the help of some drops (which now it feels better I keep forgetting to put in!)

The man coming to fix the washing machine this morning cancelled... apparently the bearings have gone (it is all of 18 months old) so it is not worth him repairing it. I have a different man coming to look at the washing machine tomorrow... of course I had to sign away my life in the form of monthy direct debits before Hotpoint would come out... fingers crossed he will fix it as I've about ten loads waiting to go in. I don't relish the thought of hand washing that lot!

But I've been keeping busy with a bit of mass production in the mince pie making department.

I'm hoping that five dozen will be enough to keep my lot going over the holidays because I'm not making any more! (I've hidden some just in case)

Meanwhile our boiler has sprung a leak. I called this morning and was delighted to have a man turn up an hour later. However the news is not good... yes, it is leaking (I worked out that much), there is nothing that can be done, he hopes it keeps going for a few more days but he'll put us on the list for a new boiler, no idea when that might be... busy time you know! His parting words... I hope you have a warm Christmas.
But I'm still smiling... don't forget that giveaway... leave a comment on this post.


  1. oh lordy... washing machine AND boiler. all my fingers are crossed for you!

  2. We sprung a leak last week - luckily a fixable one (once we had finally got the British Gas bloke here - grrr). Hope yours holds out for you.

  3. During your last conversation did you happen to mention to Karma that this is the holiday season? Perhaps she is off on a break somewhere and Bad Luck is filling for her???

  4. Oh no - what a nightmare! Do you have a fireplace (I can't remember)? We had one Christmas without heating and the fire plus lots of wine made it OK.

    Hang on though, didn't your oven break down last Christmas? Perhaps you should start having Christmas in July ...

    Hope the eye continues to improve!

  5. Oh my goodness! Washing machine and boiler on the blink - cripes! Have you a gremlin living in your kitchen?

    I'm in awe of your baking skills - I opted for a long walk in the snow and bought mince pies ;-)

    Take care - hope you all have a happy Christmas!

  6. Just a thimbleful....

    Poor Gina - and I thought MY life was difficult at the moment! Go on wearing the dirty clothes because they will have an extra layer of warmth. Lots of layers, lots alcohol and mince pies, keep moving - and try deep breathing......
    2010 is a New Year!

  7. Oh my, look at all those mince pies! I love mince pies but am too lazy to cook them so buy them in bulk!

  8. My kitchen tap is on the blink. The plumber came out this week and said as he doesn't know what make it is, he can't get the right 'bits' to make it better. So we'll need a new tap. I'm praying it doesn't 'go' over Christmas!

    Hope you manage to get everything fixed (including your eye).

    Also hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas time and that 2010 is a wonderful year for you all.


  9. Can I put in an order for mince pies? Just kidding! Here's hoping the boiler keeps going at least till the New Year. Why do these things always know to go wrong at holiday time?

    Keep warm and have a lovely Christmas. xx

  10. Keep smiling, it's all you can do. Wine and mincepies help eyes to get better too........ :O)

  11. Goodness me - your troubles are surely arriving in coachloads. It seems so unfair - but so long as you are all safe and well then some hardware issues can be dealt with. It hardly seems appropriate to wish you a Happy Christmas but I hope that it is.

  12. Now I fancy a mince pie! I'll be making mine tomorrow...
    My boiler packed up 2 weeks ago, all fixed now, thank goodness. Hope yours gets sorted soon, if not you'll have to rely on alchohol to keep you warm ;-)

  13. You had better get Pam and Angela to lend you one of their quilts to keep you warm until the boiler is fixed!! Merry Christmas x

  14. Happy Christmas Gina, i do hope everything rights itself and that the washing machine and boiler are soon fixed. Your mince pie production looks delicious. hugs Jane x

  15. Oh gina why do these things always happen at Christmas! glad you're still smiling though. I've been making mincepies with your magic frangipane topping and they are a big success!!!


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