Tuesday 25 November 2008

Totally Random

I have mixed feelings about Tags and Blog Awards. Helen Suzanne posted about this a couple of days ago and I share many of her feelings. Of course, part of me is delighted to receive awards and happy to think anyone enjoys reading my rambling enough to pass one on. Equally I enjoy reading Tags like weird and random facts - it's always fascinating to read these snippets of information and again I'm flattered that anyone would want to know more about me. But at the same time they leave me feeling slightly uncomfortable and I'm never very happy about passing them on - I worry I might leave someone out who I should have thought of, worry that the recipient might not want it and yet at the same time I worry that I'm "breaking the chain" if I don't pass it on. That off my chest... I have been tagged recently by Indigo Blue (I didn't mind... honestly) to give seven random facts about myself. As this is the third time I've received this recently - possibly from Jennyflower and Marmaladekiss too but I can't remember, I thought I would play along... partially

First of all the seven random facts:

1. I have a blue belt in Judo! This is me aged about 15 about two years before I gave it up.

2. I was born in the East End of London so I am a true Cockney.

3. I have run the London Marathon - twice. This is the first time in 1988 with Ben at the finish. It took me over five hours that time.

And the second time was in 1998 and I ran it over an hour faster! It rained a lot that time and my arm was in plaster with a broken wrist (I fell over roller skating five weeks before!)

4.I have not eaten meat for about fifteen years, although I do occasionally eat fish if it does't have its head and bones!

5. I am terribly untidy especially when I am working as this picture of my desk shows... but I have a tidy person inside me who would like to come out.

6. I've got a maths degree and used be a Maths teacher before I had children... but I've forgotten it all!

7. I still like numbers though and try to do the Killer SuDoko in The Times every day if I can. I can't do crosswords though and don't even begin to understand cryptic clues.

So that's my seven random facts... but I'm not going to play properly because I'm not going to pass it on... but if you want to play too... then please do!


  1. They are fab facts Gina - I'm impressed by all of them! (especially the maths degree - I'm a total pea-brain when it comes to maths but strangely enough find number patterns easy to remember and like doing suduko puzzles (easy ones)!

    Lucy xxxx

  2. My word! A multi-marathonner, maths whizz!

  3. Fantastic achievement running the marathon!
    Maths eek! I have a total fear of it,due to a sadistic maths teacher I had as a child.
    I wish I'd had some one like you as a teacher.

  4. I love reading facts about you and found these very interesting! Fancy you running two marathons (go Gina!).

    I have mixed feeling about awards and being tagged so have put a ' no tag' banner up on my blog. I don't have the time to do them and often find I am tagged by people I don't know very well.

    These awards are flattering but so many of them are going around right now they feel a bit like chain mail to me ( feel better now I have gotten that off my chest lol).

    Now I am off to catch up with the rest of your blog :)

    Dot xx

  5. Golly, you make me feel unhealthy, unfit and slow of brain :) I am, however, highly tidy! (And ok, I admit, I am actually reasonably good at both soduku puzzles and crosswords...)

    I agree with you about having mixed feelings about memes and things - I love to read random things about people and don't mind sharing them from time to time, but I hate the whole obligation to pass them on (which is why I never do - and never pass on those chain emails). I don't mind being sent these things, I just tend to be the one who breaks the chain - so if you're the type who has to keep the chain going, you're welcome to send whatever it is to me to break!!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing those facts

  6. Killer Sodukus eh! I'm impressed, I feel dead chuffed when I manage the 'fiendish' one!

    Marathon's and blue belts - scary Gina!!!!!

    ... I can isdentify with that desk though LOL!


    PS I'm with you on tags, but I enjoyed reading your list.

  7. It's a conundrum isn't it? Not liking the whole 'chain' thing, but still wanting to 'play'? For what it's worth, I love reading things like your random facts. Fabulous! (I once won a trophy at Judo, but I was only a yellow belt!)


  8. wow, what an amazing woman!!!
    running marathons and a maths genuis!!!


  9. Wow! Maths and marathons (I'm seriously impressed.)

  10. Excellent list and, as ever, fabulous photos, especially the young slip of a girl in the first one. I'm a little reticent about tags and awards too, although I'm always very flattered when I receive them - especially as I'm still quite new to all this malarkey. I think an untidy desk breeds creativity (oh, and crumbs of course).

    Mr P is running the '09 London Marathon!!

  11. Hi Gina
    I agree with you about the tagging (I have had the same tag loads of times!), buti did like reading your responses! They are so interesting!! catch 22 in some ways. xx

  12. I have made my blog a Tag free Zone too. Not that I've ever been tagged, but I have received several awards which I am flattered to receive for the same reasons as your self but I then get all awkward about who to pass them on to, so I never have!

    Very impressive facts about yourself Gina. Especially the Sudoku. I can just about manage the 'easy'but I feel totally inadequate now!

  13. Wow! You've done an awful lot, haven't you? With your stamina and martial arts skills I'm not sure I would want to pick a fight with you...especially not a mathematical one...as I would most definitely lose. Very interesting indeed :)

    Completely understand the tagging/award thing. I have to admit that I generally don't 'do' awards because I don't like the pictures and so don't want them spoiling the look of the Loft...does that make me a bad blogger? :s

  14. Wow - you fit thing you! I love the shot of Ben congratulating you at the end.

    Your desk may be messy but that SuDoko grid is neatness personified!! On the rare occasion I've attempted (an easy) one there are pencil marks and rubbings out everywhere!


  15. Great facts!! I am sooooooooo impressed with your maths degree, wow! It's like mandarin to me, I am totally hopeless at it.
    Can you mail me your address......we almost have lift off!! At long last!!

  16. Love reading your facts, I always break chains as I hate passing things on too. And that marathon achievement is great!

  17. I am in awe! I can't even run for a bus, and as for maths - bring out the Dunce hat.

  18. I'm with you on the tag thing but I do enjoy reading them nevertheless.

    Great taggy facts there Gina! I'm most impressed with your sporting and Sudoku prowess!!


  19. Sorry Gina. I did not realise how you felt about tagging. I do not always pass them on either. I have never felt under pressure to do anything and there was no pressure to do this one either. I ignore what I do not want to do, such as some chain emails which have been appearing in my inbox lately. I do not know what to do with them anyway. Two marathons and getting faster each time, I really could not do that my knee and hiup joints would protest too much. It made impressive reading.

  20. Loved your facts - am excessively impressed by your marathon running and judo belt - no experience there. However I also love killer (and jigsaw) sudoku which I get off line most days - it is supposed to keep my mind active - not so sure!.


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